Kootenay Pass – Superb Early Season Powder – Dec 16

Kootenay Pass – Superb Early Season Powder – Dec 16
December 26, 2016 Rick Bennett

Kootenay Pass delivered the goods!  

It felt like a summit attempt with a dark black start to the day, departing Calgary on Friday at some silly hour of the morning ultimately arriving at Bridal Lake in Koots Pass to start our day before noon.  The crew; Rick Bennett, Alan Fortune, Steve Blackwell, Clifton Potter and Kelvin Downs grinned and smiled for three glorious days.  Simply, we had fresh lines with nobody around.   

Ymir Hotel and proprietor Hans provided the evening hospitality….yes Hans, eclectic art and hill billy jam were over the top.

The highly skillful cinematographer Alan Fortune captured a few of the highlights in this “pro edit”.  Thx Alan – you captured the fun well.

Enjoy:  http://vimeo.com/196865007




Tall timbers.


Clifton and Kelvin working their way to the ridge, having just ripped the goods.


Kelvin surveying the landscape knowing nobody is around in any direction.



Thoroughly enjoying what Koots Pass is known for.


A rare occasion for Alan…being navigated around new terrain never visited.



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