Tat and V-thread Art for Youth organization

Tat and V-thread Art for Youth organization
October 9, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

Hello fellow mountain lovers, ice adventurers and nature explorers!

I am seeking your help by the simplest of tasks: collecting old v-threads, recovered swamp tat or any remnants of fabric material that accumulates at the base of ice climbs during the off season.

Why you wonder? My vision is to recycle these pieces into mountain-inspired art where proceeds will go to a youth organization that supports and encourages youth to become comfortably involved in nature activities and sparks a lifelong desire to explore. It is our responsibility to proactively encourage sustainability of our beautiful mountain ranges. Hence, the collection of these left-behind items is to not only clean up our beloved mountains but to support like-minded youth foundations.

Please contact Jocelyn Popowich: strawberry_girl25@hotmail.com or text 780-975-1081 with any recovered tat/v-threads or potential trips to go collecting OR if you could be the ACCCalgary member collecting for this area.

Thank you once again so very much! 


Jocelyn Popowich



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