Your ACC library Book of the Month

Your ACC library Book of the Month
October 10, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

Accidents in North American Mountaineering

Published annually since 1948 by the American Alpine Club, Accidents in North American Mountaineering documents the year’s most significant and teachable climbing accidents, carefully analyzing each one so climbers can learn to avoid similar situations.

Accidents in North American Climbing now includes color photos and diagrams to help beginners and seasoned alpinists alike understand what went wrong and how to prevent it on their own climbs. It now has more targeted how-to information than ever before, covering essential topics on climbing safety and wilderness first aid. 

The 2017 edition of the “Know the Ropes” section includes a thoroughly illustrated guide to safely constructing and using BELAY ANCHORS. 

The 2016 edition had a piece on BELAYING

and the 2018 edition will have one on SAFER 4th CLASS. 

We will make sure our ACC Calgary Section has them in our Library for you to borrow! Check out all other books we have for you HERE


Mark Carlson / Nathalie Drotar



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