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  • Getting a Grip

    Rope handling is one of the most basic groups of operations in climbing, as we use ropes everywhere for their…

  • Climbers on Mt Cline's summit

    Mt Cline Trip – Fun in the Notches

    Mt Cline has been on my list ever since I first heard of 11,000ers. The classic route along the southwest…

  • Pat Morrow on Ellesmere Island

    Monthly Social – September 17 – Pat Morrow

    Our September Social will be an evening that you’ll definitely not want to miss! Pat Morrow is an adventure photographer…

  • Of Bear Encounters & Backcountry Awareness at the Stanley Mitchell Hut

    Early last Thursday morning while heading up the Kiwetinok Pass trail, I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn Martel coming…

  • Mt Tuzo – Completing a Moraine Lake Hitlist

    Mountaineering lists can be treacherous things. They often start out as a wish list of peaks and routes, but can…

  • State of the Mountains Report 2019

    This 2019 State of the Mountains Report begins with a feature essay, by Dr. Lori Daniels, one of Canada’s foremost…

  • mountaineering gloves

    Mountaineering Gloves

      I still often see people knocking around in the mountains, cliffs, bush, and boulders with bare hands where they…

  • ACC Monthly Social – AGM! April 16 – Laval St. Germain

    Laval St. Germain-Everest to Ocean: Tales from Above the Clouds and Beyond the Horizon Laval is a Calgary dad, husband,…

  • False Pillars — an Ice Climbing Hazard

    A False Pillar is a ‘pillar feature’ that seems to be standing on terra firma but is actually on an…

  • Tech Tips in 4-Wheeling Part 2

                                                       Pulleys and Knots for Hauling A pulley or two can be very handy for a vehicle extraction if anchors…