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ACC Calgary Section
P.O. Box 1995
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 2M2

Address Changes:

The Alpine Club of Canada
P.O.Box 8040
Canmore, Alberta
T1W 2T8
Phone: 403-678-3200
Fax: 403-678-3224

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Calgary Section Board Members: 

Chair: Paul Dormaar
Chair is de facto member of each committee.
  Vice Chair: John Adams
Secretary: Trevor Ference
Past Chair: David Roe
Treasurer: Juergen Schmidt
Chelsea McCune – for reimbursements and invoices
Sandra Bowkun – for Trip Leader subsidy refunds
Climbing Committee: Rick Loetscher (Chair)
Anne Drew Potter
Raymond Ho
Training and Leadership: Ken Baxter (Chair)
Matt Marshall
Sue Steckle
Ken Chatel
Paul OBK
Sandra Bowkun
Ski Committee: Tyler Hallman (Chair)
Ryan Brun
Kevin Canning
Dana Engler
Alan Fortune
Brent Hephner
Fiona Mulvenna
Vi Pickering
Brad Robinson
Alpine Committee: Lida Frydrychova (Chair)
Luis Salgado
Access and Environment Committee: Kristine O’Rielly (Chair)
Membership: Graham McKelvie (Chair)
Safety Committee: Orvel Miskiw (Chair)
Casey Blais
David Roe
Dom D’Argent
Social Chair: Theresa Jarosinski (Chair)
Communications (inc. The Breeze): Nathalie Drotar
Dan Kim
David Roe
Webmaster: Josh Lynn
Section Ropes: Dom d’Argent
Librarian: Mark Carlson
Gear Storage and Maintenance: Currently Vacant!