Election 2019

The ACC Calgary Section’s bylaws call for us to carry out our elections online, up to and including the first 15 minutes of the AGM. On-line polling has made elections easier to complete and reach more members. It will take less time than it takes to order a beer and can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. Because it will be easier, many more members will participate than typically show up to an AGM, and most people will appreciate the abbreviated election part to allow for something more entertaining.

For more information on the 2019 election, visit: http://www.acccalgary.ca/2018/03/upcoming-election-agm-2019/

We hope you find on-line elections fast, fair and efficient and hope to see you in the mountains soon.


Nominations for Board Chair are still open, but all others are now closed!  Please see the Board Positions page for a role description for the Board Chair position. Please complete the form on this page: ACC Calgary Nomination Form

If you have any questions related to the election or nominations, please email elections@acccalgary.ca. As shown on the nomination form, nominees are required to provide a short “campaign” introduction to themselves in order to be put on the ballot. 

How to Vote

During the voting process, to vote, you will need to log-in to this website with your username (firstname dot lastname e.g. john.btfsplk) and your password (this is different from the Event Calendar login, please use the “Forgot password” link from the website login page if need be). You will then be able to select your preferred candidate below. Final results will be presented during the club’s Annual General Meeting. If you experience any difficulties, please email the Webmaster at webmaster@acccalgary.ca

2019 Election Open Positions


Nominations welcome! – Paul will continue in a role as Past Chair and is willing to mentor the new Chairperson.

Vice Chair

Raymond Ho

I have been with ACC for a few years and have organizing trips (mostly rock and ice climbing). I volunteered to be part of the climbing committee in 2018 and I am glad that Anne Drew is taking a lead role on it now. My previous profession was in project management and required me to plan and coordinate large projects and programs. one of my key mandates was to establish clear processes and guidelines, and provide clear communication to all stakeholders. I would like to contribute more to ACC and help drive the initiatives of the Club.

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Climbing Chair

Anne Drew Potter – acting Climbing Chair and nominee

I grew up backpacking in the Sierras, and later pursued more technical & higher altitude pursuits. I have experience with a number of alpine clubs and outdoor institutions internationally; German Alpine Club, Seattle Mountaineers. I worked several seasons as a hiking & climbing instructor for NOLS. I am currently an amateur leader at the GMC and an ACMG certified TRCI and AHG. I work in the summer as a hiking guide I began running the Women’s Climbing Mentorship Group in 2015. I am interested in developing our culture of mentorship and supporting access to the mountain environment for all.

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Communications Chair

Charles-Antoine Lanthier 

I am an avid outdoorsman with a passion for high-altitude mountaineering & ski touring and wish to start giving back to the outdoor community. I strongly believe my professional expertise from years of working in Digital Marketing to be a key asset in a Communications board role. I hope to leverage this experience to facilitate fruitful exchanges between the Section and its members, leveling the playing field and promoting transparency in the Board’s activities. I will make sure all voices are heard and collaborate heartily in the creation and dissemination of riveting mountain content.

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Training and Leadership Chair

Rick Bennett

Since joining in 2013 each year has been a hallmark of great activity. An avid skier and explorer for 35yrs, I contribute as a Ski Trip Leader. 25+yr member of the Cdn Ski Instructor Alliance Level 3 & Cdn Ski Coaches Federation Level 2. My aspirations remain high to certify as an Apprentice Ski Guide. My governance experience includes Secretary of the Board for 4 golf and rowing clubs plus Race Committee Chairman of the Lake Ontario Race / Yacht Council. I would be honoured to receive your support & work hard to continue the incredible training and leadership experience we all benefit from. 

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Access and Environment Chair

Renee & Steven Little (Co-chairs)

Steven and I have served on the Access and Environment Committee for the past year and have taken leadership of the submission to Parks Canada for the Back of the Lake trail maintenance request. We are both avid climbers and hikers and have a strong sense of stewardship to the environment. We see the impact of climbers and hikers on the mountains and desire to ensure that the environment is preserved while enjoying all the mountains have to offer. We also know that the Ghost is a very important ecological and recreational area and are interested in helping preserve both.

Robert Perry 

We, deserve to live in environments that support positive health. Promoting fairness between places is part of making sure that we all have the opportunities to enjoy the environments we live, work and play in. Although the alpine environment is the one we are focused on, coordination of systems that support healthy environmental conditions are required to reduce and respond to environmental threats so that all of our communities are healthy. This requires coordination of resources to protect the places we love. I have a history of board involvement and in homelessness and addictions. 

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Martin Kusch

I’ve recently started backcountry skiing and I found that the trips run by the ACC were really helpful for gaining knowledge and experience. I’d love to do my part to give back to and help out the Calgary Section. I work as a software consultant and recently finished a degree in Computer Science, so I’m confident that I have the technical skills required for this position.

Jessie Guo 

Hi! I’m an avid snowboarder and control system engineer with experience in web-based application development. Besides programming skills, my current and past jobs also involved providing technical support that required timely responses to end users. Although I’m fairly new to ACC, I can’t wait to give back to this wonderful community that spreads positive influence on people like me. I just got into backcountry splitboarding this season thanks to ACC. I enjoy programming and problem solving in general, and I’d be happy to contribute to the club by doing what I love.

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2018 Election Results


Juergen Schmidt – Elected in 2018, for 2 year term.

I have some financial experience and training; an accounting designation, working 5 years in public accounting, 19 years in industry accounting, 13 years in the investment industry and 3 years in systems work. If that sounds like a lot of years behind a desk, you’re right. The Alpine Club’s mission fits right into my belief system, because I am excited about preservation and appreciation of nature through low-impact, self-propelled recreation. I have been a Treasurer for other not-for-profit organizations with fairly big budgets, so I think I can handle it and glad to meet the need.


Trevor Ference – Elected in 2018, for 2 year term.

I am interested in the Secretary position because I am an avid adventurer who is looking for a way to give back to the ACC and outdoor community. I would like to utilize my skills (I am a member of the Calgary legal community) and enthusiasm to work with like minded individuals to help assist the ACC and foster and progress the local chapter of this great organization.

Ski Chair

Tyler Hallman – Elected in 2018, for 2 year term.

I enjoy backcountry skiing and splitboarding as well as downhill skiing and ski mountaineering. I am currently the interim ski chair and am now seeking approval by you – the members. My focus as the Ski Chair has been on expanding and improving all things related to backcountry skiing:

  1. Backcountry introduction to skiing (BITS) program
  2. Encouraging and supporting new people becoming trip leaders
  3. Booking huts and sourcing leaders for section trips
  4. Offering additional training and mentorship opportunities

Membership Chair

Graham McKelvie – Elected in 2018, for 2 year term.

I am pleased to have found the Calgary section of the Alpine Club of Canada and all that it offers. I would like to take on the role of membership chair to try to ensure that Calgarians, both new residents and old, know about the Alpine Club and its activities. Working for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards program here in Calgary, I am comfortable making presentations to groups, and could use these skills to meet with potential members as well as new members. I would like to increase the programs offered as learning sessions for new members.

Social Chair

Theresa Jarosinski – Elected in 2018, for 2 year term.

I have been working in sales and marketing for over 10 years with experience in social media and promotion on Facebook, Google, Instagram and more. My extensive background in sales and management make me a great candidate for planning, organizing and promoting your Alpine Club of Canada events and fundraisers. I’m looking forward to working with the club over the next 2 years in order to help grow your memberships and event attendance.

Safety Chair

Orvel Miskiw – Elected in 2018, for 2 year term.

I’ve been mountaineering for 40+ years, and a Calgary Section member for 35, and always involved in mountaineering and the activities of the Section and the ACC. I was a member of the ACC Safety Committee and editor of the Canadian section of Accidents in North American Mountaineering for several years. In late 2014 I agreed to start up a Safety Committee in the Calgary Section, “To Promote Safety in Alpinism”, and have done that, including creating a Safety Page and writing many articles related to mountaineering safety.

I have a strong interest in safe alpinism, and  am willing to continue this work as Chairman of the Safety Committee for another term, but would welcome a keen nominee to take over as Director of Safety:  the work is not too demanding , and offers plenty of scope for personal initiative.  (FYI Director of Safety is the Chairman of the Safety Committee.)

Elected in 2017 – term ends in 2019

Section Chair

Paul Dormaar – Elected in 2017, for 2 year term.

Over the past few years, it’s been really exciting being a part of the Calgary Section of the Alpine Club of Canada. The growth in membership, trips, and enthusiasm has been tremendous. As well, being a part of that growth through the Board has been rewarding. Among other developments, we started the Alpine Committee, began a risk assessment and forward plan, and looked at section huts. The Chair is one of our few positions that require a substantial time commitment. Given that I still have availability and a willingness to continue our vision, I am interested in continuing for another term.

Communications Chair

Nathalie Drotar – Elected in 2017, for 2 year term.

I moved from Switzerland in 2008 and right away joined the ACC to connect with outdoor people. Soon after, I started leading climbing trips. And after joined the Ski Committee then the T&L Committee! During the 5 years with T&L, I experienced great support from Committee Chairs and thus loved devoting my energy to my favorite club.

My favorite is leading winter ski trips – not politics, not committees, but preferably through knee high powder. I love being out with a group, looking out for their enjoyment of a trip, using the soft and hard skills learned and practiced over time, dealing with group management, taking decisions that would be safe for everyone, and also learning from others’ experience and ways of life!

I have my ACMG Assistant Hiking Guide certification. I road bike, mountain bike, canoe, you name it! Summer is just too short! I’m really excited to fill Dave’s shoes as Communication Chair for the Calgary Section. I have an educational back-ground in Public Relations / Communications which I have not been able to use for a living so why not as a volunteer!

Vice Chair

John Adams – Elected in 2017, for 2 year term.

I joined the club in 2010, to pursue my passions for climbing, mountaineering and back country skiing. Since joining the club I have taken advantage of the many courses and learning opportunities to improve skills, efficiency and safety. Subsequently I have put these skills into action as a trip leader with a focus on challenge, fun and safety.

I believe that encouraging members to enjoy the outdoor experience and developing their leadership capabilities are the foundation of the club’s objectives. The position of Vice Chairman is an exciting opportunity to influence the direction of the club to support these objectives by nurturing new members, promoting comradery, supporting trip leaders and enhancing a spirit of enjoyment in the outdoors.

As a candidate for this position I bring a wealth of work experience in management, along with club experience as a trip leader and enthusiasm for a broad range of outdoor activities.


Josh Lynn – Elected in 2017, for 2 year term.

I’m a web developer who loves climbing. Most of my web development and information systems experience has been working on large web applications.

For the last year I have given back to this great club and I think this is a great fit doing something I love.

My continuing goal, if re-elected, would be to help complete the new site and make sure it stays up to date with the web’s current technology and serves the members seamlessly.

Thank You

Climbing Chair

Rick Loetscher – Elected in 2017, for 2 year term.

Hi, I have been with the Calgary section on and off from the mid nineties. I have in the pass lead ice climbing trips as well as mountaineering trips. I spent two years on the climbing committee as well. I have 19 years of climbing and back country skiing experience. I love the outdoors and would like to help with the club and try to bring new fresh ideas in. Thanks, Rick.

Training and Leadership Chair

Ken Baxter – Elected in 2017, for 2 year term.

I have been a Calgary Section member since 1985 (with an 8 year hiatus from 88 to 95). I have been a member of the T&L Committee for about two years coordinating courses with Sarah H. I have known Andy Strangemann since about 1986 and I work well with him. This should make for a seamless transition into the role. I am 56 years old and I have been going to the mountains since I was 15. Therefore, based on my experiences with the odd miss-hap and epic, I am passionate about safety, and ways to reduce exposure to unnecessary risk through training and leadership.

Access and Environment Chair

Kristine O’Reilly – Elected in 2017, for 2 year term.

My name is Kristine O’Rielly and I am your incumbent A&E chair for the Calgary section, having served on the board since April, 2016. Since taking over my role, I have approached the Access and Environment position with a “it takes a village” motto and have worked to connect the club with like-minded recreational organizations in the mountaineering community. I also formed an A&E Sub-committee which meets monthly to work on small Section projects. In addition to an educational background in sustainability, I also have volunteer experience with various environmental organizations within Alberta and across Canada. I have very much enjoyed my year volunteering with the club and would like to continue my work as the A&E representative for the Calgary Section. I look forward to being given the opportunity to offer our section my time, energy, and enthusiasm in the coming year!

Social Chair

Paddy McGuire – Elected in 2017, for 2 year term.

Resigned in August 2017

I am a social critter for sure and want to contribute to the betterment of the organization. I have been a member on and off but am super keen to maximize the opportunities the club has to offer myself and others. I am putting myself wholeheartedly back into mountain activities after being too busy in triathlon circles and special events for the past decade. I am currently working on producing a mountaineering film in the Bugaboos. I also have been a board member with the Alberta Triathlon Association. I enjoy the odd beer. Cheers.

Alpine Chair

This Board position was formed in early 2017. It has since been filled by appointment by Lida Frydrychova who will serve in this position till the 2019 election.