Section Camp

Fairy Meadows, Selkirk Mountains – Adamants and Gothics

This year’s section camp will be located in the Selkirks again, with a base camp 1 km south of the Fairy Meadows hut, towards the Shoestring Glacier. This location allows access to the Gothics, northern Adamants and the peaks surrounding the Granite Glacier.  It will be no surprise that these are Granite mountains, described as being “generally very solid and provides exceptional opportunities for climbing.  Rockfall is generally minimal”.

Base: The plan is to camp at UTM 346 395, map sheet 82N/13, Sullivan River.  The campsite will be close to a small tarn, at an elevation of 2200 m, providing access to both the Granite Glacier and via the Friendship Col, the Gothics glacier.  

The approximate location of the camp is shown here.

Staging Area: Swan Creek, West side of Kinbasket Lake – more details will be provided closer to the time. Everyone will gather in Golden on the Saturday night and head to the staging area bright and early on the Sunday morning.


82 N/13 – Sullivan River

82 N/12 – Sir Sandford

Guide books:

Selkirks North – David P. Jones (p. 276 – 369)

Potential Objectives:

The range of routes and objectives is huge, as you can see there’s over 100 pages dedicated to this region in the guidebook.  Climbs vary from hard rock routes, through moderate alpine rock, to scrambles and glacier routes. We strongly suggest you get David Jones’ guidebook, which is an excellent resource and still in print.

A small selection of the possible routes includes:

Colossal SW Face 5.12 ED1

The Horn SE Face AD 5.7

Austerity Mtn (3337m) via Ironman Bypass PD+ 5.3 45-50 degree

Adamant Mtn (3345m) West Ridge, AD, 5.0

Mt Quadrant NW Ridge Direct, PD+ 5.7; SW Ridge PD 5.3

East Peak of the Gothics, NW Ridge, AD+ 55 degrees

Pioneer Peak, SW Ridge, F 4th Class

Mt Fria, North Face, PD 4th Class

There is a good forum post on a traverse of the Adamants and Gothics here


We will be running 4 consecutive camps, each 7 days long, Sunday to Sunday, on the 16th July, 23rd July, 30th July and 6th of August.

Alpine Mentorship Program Instructional Week

Week 2, commencing on the 23rd of July, will be an instructional week provided by Brent Peters (ACMG Guide) and a practicum guide for section members on the Alpine Mentorship Program (AMP), or who want to participate in it.  The goal of the AMP program is to develop stronger mountaineering base of trip leaders and participants in the Alpine Club. For more details on the AMP program refer to the ACC site.

The week will be suited to:

AMP Level 2, “advanced beginners” to “intermediate” mountaineers who have done a handful of alpine and lots of scrambling or ski mountaineering trips in order to allow them to move from PD to AD level.

AMP Level 3, intermediate members to increase their confidence in leading alpine trips at the PD+ and AD level.

There will be a few days of instruction followed by some peak days with the more experienced participants leading a rope with Brent and the practicum on hand to observe and comment, (this of course would be dependent on the skill level of the participants).

How Much:

The cost for the self guided weeks is $460. This is based on worse case scenario (i.e. not being able to share heli shuttle costs + some contingency flights have been budgeted), also on only 9 paying participants per week, please note Camp Manager’s + Camp Coordinator’s heli fees are covered in this cost. Once your application form is reviewed and the Camp Manager for your chosen week notifies you are confirmed on the trip a deposit of $150 is required before you are moved from the wait list. Final costs will be calculated by the end of August and final payments will be required by the end of September. Please note the cost will be no more than the $460 quoted.

The cost for the instructional week is $1070 with a deposit of $250 required.

We understand that circumstances can change and the unforeseen can occur, but once cashed, all deposits are non-refundable.  Excellent value cancellation insurance can be purchased through the ACC National HQ in Canmore.


For all weeks we’ll have 12 (max) ACC Members per week.

The camp is self-guided (apart from the instructional week), self-catered and self managed.  Most, if not all, routes will involve glacier travel, so participants should have knowledge of crevasse rescue techniques.

After June 1 the camp will be opened up to other Sections.

How to Sign Up:

Please sign-up for the week you’re interested in on the club calendar and download the application form.  Please email your completed form back to the coordinator (   She’ll review it and send it to the relevant Camp Manager/s. Also feel free to email with any questions you may have. The Camp Manager for your chosen week will review your application and contact you to let you know you are on the trip. The deposit payment must be made before you are moved off the wait list and confirmed on the trip.