BiTs Story by Rob

BiTs Story by Rob
April 9, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

It happened too often. I would be on a winter drive, see parked cars at a trail-head and wonder – why can’t I go up there too? Well this winter I found a way into the trees and up the snowy slopes – the ACC BITs program. It takes solid resort skiers and shows them the ropes for getting up and down safely in the backcountry. BITs was a great experience and I highly recommend it.

There is a big emphasis on avalanche safety. ATC 1 is mandatory. But you also get familiar with the unique equipment and discover popular routes on 4 trips guided by experienced ACC volunteers. Plus you meet a lot of alpine enthusiasts for future trips. And the windup party is a blast. So if you are wondering how to find your own powder next winter, sign up for BITs!

By Rob Stack


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