Looking for Board Members


Your ACC Calgary Section Board is looking for two new board members to fill recent vacancies. These interim roles will last until the next Board election this fall, where incumbents will have the option to officially be voted in.

The Board convenes once a month, while specific committees meet as required on their own schedule.

Training & Leadership Acting Chair:

Prepares the agenda for, and chairs meetings of the Training & Leadership Committee. The T&L Committee is responsible for:

• Preparing and administering the Summer and Winter Course Schedules.
• Organizing, promoting and administering the section Leadership Training Courses.
• Promoting and administering Section participation in National Club Leadership training opportunities.
• Preparing and maintaining the Section Trip Co-ordinators Handbook and policies pertaining to trip co-ordinators.

Membership Acting Chair:

Promotes Section and National Club membership by:

• Ensuring information is available to potential members.
• Setting up display material with membership brochures forms, display panel, etc. at activities outside of club functions, such as The Sportsman Show, the Banff Mountain Film Festival, Calgary Climbers’ Festival, etc.
• Providing membership information to facilities which are frequented by the mountaineering community, such as retail stores, the ACC Clubhouse, the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre, the CAOC office, etc.

Apply today by emailing your candidacy to communications(at)acccalgary.ca.