Election 2022

The ACC Calgary Section’s bylaws call for us to carry out our elections online, up to and including the first 15 minutes of the AGM. On-line polling has made elections easier to complete and reach more members. It will take less time than it takes to order a beer and can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. Because it will be easier, many more members will participate than typically show up to an AGM, and most people will appreciate the abbreviated election part to allow for something more entertaining.

For more information on the 2022 election, visit: https://www.acccalgary.ca/2021/11/upcoming-election-agm-2022/

We hope you find on-line elections fast, fair and efficient and hope to see you in the mountains soon.

How to Vote

During the voting process, to vote, login credentials to this website are required and are available only to Calgary Section members in good standing at the time of the election. Members select their preferred candidate through an electronic poll. Final results are presented during the club’s Annual General Meeting.

2) Click on “Lost your password?”, located below the text boxes.
3) Enter your username or email address. For this system, your username is of the form “Firstname.Lastname”. 
4) Once you login, go to: https://www.acccalgary.ca/elections/, scroll down to the candidates names and vote with the provided “Vote” radio buttons.
5) Once you login, go to: https://www.acccalgary.ca/elections/, scroll down to the candidates names and vote with the provided “Vote” radio buttons. 
6) For any questions, please email elections@acccalgary.ca


Nominations are still open, till December 13!  Please see the Board Positions page for a role description for the open positions listed below. Please complete the form on this page: ACC Calgary Nomination Form

If you have any questions related to the election or nominations, please email elections@acccalgary.ca. As shown on the nomination form, nominees are required to provide a short “campaign” introduction to themselves in order to be put on the ballot. 

2022 Election 

Secretary – Seeking a Volunteer to fill this role!  


Social Chair

Chuck and Leslie Young – Our returning Social Co-Chairs!

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Please choose a candidate below to serve as Calgary Social Chair.

Member and Leadership Chair 

Oakley Werenka – Our returning Member and Leadership Chair!

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Please choose a candidate below to serve as Member and Leadership Chair

Safety Chair  

Kate Snedeker – Our new Safety Chair! 

Having moved to Canada from the US by way of Scotland, I have been a member of the ACC since 2013.  I grew up hiking, downhill skiing & cross country skiing, but didn’t start  scrambling, ice climbing, rock climbing or backcountry skiing until I moved to Alberta & took a Yamnuska Intro to Mountaineering course.  I’ve been the coordinator for the Calgary section BITS program for the last four years,  a member of the ski committee & organized ski trips, and I am part of the committee organizing the BIT program for the Rocky Mountain Section.  Since 2019, I’ve been on the board of the Canadian Avalanche Association, where I’ve been involved with Diversity/Inclusion/Equity and Mental Health initiatives, and am on the ACMG’s Public Engagement Committee.  While living in Edmonton I was on the board of the Edmonton Nordic Ski Club, helping to organize the recreational ski group there.  I have taken the Summer TNF course and will be taking the winter course next year.

I would be delighted to serve the section as the Safety Chair as I have an interest/knowledge in risk management and avalanche safety through my professional work as an infectious disease epidemiologist for AHS and my work on the CAA board.   I am keen to foster an awareness of safety, winter & summer, in the section and help to provide resources for trip leader and an understanding of safety as it applies to trip participants and trip leaders.  In addition, I am eager to help organize and promote courses relating to safety – avalanche education,  wilderness first aid, survival and leadership, as well as in helping ensure that leaders understand waiver issues & responsibilities.  In the past, safety in terms of the backcountry has often focused more on avalanche safety.  With new members and an increasingly diverse variety of outdoor activities on the club calendar, there is a need for new ideas and more diversity in how we approach and train for safety in our trips.

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Alpine Chair  

Dom D’Argent – Our new Alpine Chair!

As a born and raised Calgarian, being outside has always been part of my life.  Camping, hiking, skiing and mountain biking typically filled up any free time I had.  In 2010 I was looking for a bigger adventure with mountaineering. I took a two week intro to mountaineering course in Alaska and was hooked.  As soon as I returned, I joined the Alpine Club. Since then I have enjoyed participating in events and training with the Alpine Club, improving my alpinism, ice and rock climbing skills. Because of these experiences, I advanced to becoming a leader, and was so pleased to lead numerous trips for the ACC. 

Through my associations with the ACC, fellow climbers and members encouraged and supported my application to the North Face Leadership Camp. This was an incredible experience, where I further developed my technical and outdoor leadership skills. 

Now I am challenging myself to be a part of the ACC as an Alpine Chair.

Since the AMP Program was developed a few years ago, it has been important to me to contribute by attending classes, sessions and meetings whenever possible. Most importantly, I have been a believer in the learning opportunities and examples provided happily by a certified guide. It’s not only about the learning, but about the experiences, inspiration and conditions to improve and enjoy climbing at the same time. 

As Alpine Chair, I would like to welcome new members and promote climbers to be inspired to challenge their techniques and abilities. Top level mentorship should be available for those who wish to take great skills to an exceptional, leadership level. Our alpinists, at all levels, will feel encouraged to strive for excellence, becoming leaders to generations of confident climbers. 

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Please choose a candidate below to serve as Alpine Chair.

Ski Chair –

Thank you to Luca and Kyle also for nominating yourselves for this position!! 

Dan Doll – Our new Ski Chair!

I joined the Calgary Section in the 90s when I was stumbling around on leather boots and misery sticks trying to figure out how to telemark. I survived my bent knee days and over the years I’ve enjoyed lots of fun times on section trips and camps while learning from fellow members. I want to help provide opportunities for other people to safely enjoy good times in the mountains with their fellow section members.  I’ve been fortunate to have taken a number of winter skills and leadership courses through the ACC, including the TNF Winter and TNF Winter 2.0 courses; which are the types of opportunities I’d like to see people in the section being able to access and take advantage of to advance their skills, knowledge and confidence. I’ve been leading section trips for 20+ years, ranging from quick laps to multi-day glacier trips, and I’m always looking for ways to improve as a trip leader.  

The Calgary Section skiing and split boarding program is in a good place (thanks, Tyler), with the BITS program for newer members, a number of courses each season, hut bookings throughout the winter and ongoing leader recruitment and development activities. I would like to keep that momentum going as the ski (and splitboard) chair and would also like to hear from members about what they would like to see for section ski and splitboard activities. I would like to see the section leader group and the people participating in section trips be more representative of the backcountry skiing and splitboarding community, and our communities generally, and would be interested in hearing about ideas and potential initiatives to help make that happen.  

Luca Jungen – Nominee 

Luca is a former Ski Chair who took a hiatus to spend time with his kids. Now that his kids are a little older he can take some time again to contribute to the Club! He is excited to once again take on the Ski Chair position which he occupied a few years ago. 

Why do you enjoy leading trips for the section?

It’s fun to coordinate trips. I have been fortunate to join trips in the past that took me to places that were beyond my level of confidence (to do on my own); in this sense it’s good to pay it forward

How long have you been a member of the Alpine Club and/or Calgary Section and what motivated you to become a member at the time?

I have been a member for the past four years. To be honest, the reason I got involved was purely selfish; to find more people to get out with.

What started your connection with the mountain world?

Growing up in a family where my parents felt heading to the mountains most weekends and holidays was normal.

Kyle Potts – Nominee 

I love spending as much time in the mountains as possible! Primarily climbing, running, or skiing! I have logged over 100 days a year in the mountains for the past 5 years. My main interests are long multi-pitch or alpine rock climbs and ultra-distance trail running in the Summer. In the Fall I love to get out dry tooling until the ice forms! My early winters are spent chasing ice and mixed climbs before switching over to skiing for the remainder of Winter and Spring. I am mostly interested in steep skiing and ski mountaineering but can’t pass up an opportunity for some mellow powder skiing!

I also really enjoy helping new people get out in the mountains. Whether it’s their first rock climb, multi-pitch, or ski tour! I have run numerous climbing and ski trips through the ACC over the past couple years. I joined the ACC when I first moved to Calgary 5 years ago. I began coordinating a few AMP events to help  build my skills and have continued to lead trips ever since! 

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Please choose a candidate below to serve as Calgary Section Ski Chair.


Juergen Schmidt – Our returning Treasurer !

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Please choose a candidate below to serve as Treasurer.


2021 Election Results 


Brett Bilon — Elected with 100% of the votes. 

About Brett Bilon: An avid splitboard mountaineer who loves alpine rock climbing, Brett is originally from Edmonton. He started skiing at age three, snowboarding at ten, and climbing as a teenager in the ’90s. Brett is a CEO in the beauty industry, a former professional photographer, and has most recently taken up painting mountain landscapes in his spare time. 

On the ACC: I first joined the ACC as a member of the Edmonton section in 1995. The past few years have been unlike anything I’d previously experienced in terms of explosive growth of newcomers to the mountain community. There are challenges and opportunities that come from this growth. 

The convergence of the rapid growth mentioned above, along with the changes and challenges associated with COVID 19, have created something of a perfect storm for people to want to escape to the mountains. As a result, I see an opportunity for the Calgary Section of the ACC to play a more substantial role within the community at large and think that many potential members will be able to experience the mountains in a much safer and more supportive fashion through involvement with the club. I’d love to see more local mountain enthusiasts discover the community and adventure that comes from being a part of our club. 

Vice Chair

Lida Frydrychova — Elected with 100% of the votes.

I have been the Alpine Chair (a new position at that time) for the past 3 years and developed the very successful Alpine Mentorship Program (AMP). I am very passionate about the outdoors including mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, backcountry skiing and pretty much anything else I can fit in given my busy job as a Chartered Accountant. I have met many great friends in the club and led a large number of trips. I enjoy contributing to the club and being engaged with our members. 

Climbing Chair

Chelsea Darrach — Elected with 100% of the votes.

My name is Chelsea Darrach and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to join the ACC Calgary Section Board, thank you for allowing me this opportunity! I’ve participated in a lot of courses/events through ACC over the past few years and am so grateful for this organization as it’s allowed me to meet many wonderful people who have become lifelong friends and climbing partners as well, I’ve been able to progress my skills/experience quite quickly.

I moved to Calgary from PEI in 2018. My first hike was Ha-Ling and I was hooked after that! I started getting out hiking every weekend, which transitioned into longer and harder hikes/scrambles. I soon learned about what mountaineering, skimo and alpine climbing were and soon realized that that was what I wanted to do. I started working towards developing the necessary skills for them by teaching myself how to ski at the resort, taking intro courses for rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering/glacier travel etc., as well getting out as much as possible, especially with people more experienced than myself. I participated in a handful of the AMP courses with Brent and his crew, a couple of which I was the trip leader. 

Training Chair 

Ryan Fox — Elected with 100% of the votes.

I have been an avid mountain enthusiast my whole life, growing up in Calgary and skiing since before I could walk.  Later on I developed passions for whitewater paddling, backpacking, backcountry skiing, and most recently climbing.  I love the depth of learning possible in the mountains and am excited to share that with other people.  The ACC has provided me with so many opportunities to get out with other like minded people, receive top notch mentorship from guides and volunteers, and have great adventures with other members.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the club and help other people have some of the same benefits I have. 


Cruz Miraback

I have worked in the tech industry for over a decade but my true passion is being in the mountains. I learned to snowboard at a young age and spent years going to the resorts but it wasn’t until I discovered climbing in 2015 when the mountains became the centrepiece of my life. Since then, I have evolved from a newbie gym climber into an aspiring alpinist with a never-ending tick list. Through ACC Calgary I am able to combine my tech skills with my passion for the mountains to help others get out to the mountains too. Let’s get after it!

Communications Chair

Charles-Antoine Lanthier — Elected with 100% of the votes.

I have served in the Communications Chair position for the past 2 years and wish to keep contributing to the Section and its community. I am an avid outdoorsman with a passion for high-altitude mountaineering & ski touring and wish to start giving back to the outdoor community. I strongly believe my professional expertise from years of working in Digital Marketing to be a key asset in a Communications board role. I hope to leverage this experience to facilitate fruitful exchanges between the Section and its members, leveling the playing field and promoting transparency in the Board’s activities. I will make sure all voices are heard and collaborate heartily in the creation and dissemination of riveting mountain content. 

Access and Environment Chair

Renee & Steven Little (Co-chairs) — Elected with 100% of the votes.

Steven and I have served on the Access and Environment Committee for the past 2 years and have taken leadership of the submission to Parks Canada for the Back of the Lake trail maintenance request. We are both avid climbers and hikers and have a strong sense of stewardship to the environment. We see the impact of climbers and hikers on the mountains and desire to ensure that the environment is preserved while enjoying all the mountains have to offer. We also know that the Ghost is a very important ecological and recreational area and are interested in helping preserve both.

Safety Chair

Mitchell Blackstaffe — Elected with 100% of the votes.

Mitchell was appointed by the Board in 2020 and his position was ratified through this election. 

Alpine Chair

Indra Sarwinata — Elected with 100% of the votes.

Indra was appointed by the Board in 2020 and his position was ratified through this election.