2019 Section Camp – Gothics and Adamants

Gothics and Adamants, Selkirks

The Camp Location, Sir Sandford in the distance – Courtesy of Shaun Fluker

What is Section Camp?

Section camp is a self-guided, self-catered, camp that the Calgary section runs in the mountains of BC or Alberta each summer.  This year we will be running it for 3 weeks, each week will have up to 12 participants who helicopter into the base camp and climb for a week, before heading out.  The section provides a base camp, with 2 large tents for cooking and gear, stoves, tables, chairs, a toilet (even a shower!), climbing ropes, radios and a Sat phone in case of emergencies. 

Participants bring their personal climbing gear, a tent, sleeping bag and all their food for the week.  Everyone is expected to help with camp chores, which can include setting up and taking down the camp, sorting gear beforehand, cleaning, fetching water and the delightful task of digging the privy. 

If you want a more full service camp, including catering and being guided, we suggest you attend national’s GMC or the Back Country Mountaineering Camp.  

Where is Section Camp?

This year’s camp will be located at a spectacular campsite at the toe of the Adamants glacier, perched overlooking Palmer Creek, south of the Gothics in the Selkirk Mountains.  The site also offers access to the South Eastern side of the Adamants.

There are a large selection of mountaineering objectives, with a bias to alpine rock routes.  David Jones says: “the rock is generally very solid and provides exceptional opportunities for climbing“.  For the adventurous there is the opportunity for new routes or first recorded ascents.

The accessible peaks from camp include:

  • Adamant Mtn,
  • Blackfriar Pk,
  • Azimuth Mtn,,
  • East Peak of the Gothics,
  • Mount Thor,
  • Post Peak
  • Mount Fria,
  • Gibraltar Pk,
  • Stockmer
  • Yggdrasil Mtn

There is some information and lots of photos on Brad Harrison’s BMC website.

Courtesy of Shaun Fluker


The plan is to camp at toe of the Adamants glacier – close to the waterfall into Palmer Creek.  This is slightly lower, but much less buggy than the site mentioned in David Jone’s Selkirks North Guide. 

The approximate location of the camp is shown here.

Staging Area:  

The precise staging area is still to be finalised with Alpine Helicopters, dependent on the condition of the logging roads this year.  However it will be somewhere on the West side of the Kinbasket Lake, approximately 120 km from Golden.


Mt Sir Sandford(82N/12) and Sullivan River(82N/13)

Courtesy of Shaun Fluker

Guide books:

Selkirks North, David P Jones, 2004.  Highly recommended comprehensive guide to routes in the area.


We will be running 3 consecutive camps, each 7 days long, Sunday to Sunday, on the 14th July, 21st July, 28th July.  Week 3 will fly out on the 4th of August. As weather delays can and do happen, it’s probably best to arrange to have the following Monday off work too.

How Much:

The cost is $550 per person. This is based on worst case scenario (i.e. not being able to share heli shuttle costs + some contingency flights have been budgeted), also on only 9 paying participants per week. Please note Camp Manager’s + Camp Coordinator’s heli fees are covered in this cost.

Once your application form is reviewed and the Camp Manager for your chosen week notifies you are confirmed on the trip full payment is required before you are moved from the wait list. Final costs will be calculated after the end of the camp and refunds given, if appropriate.

We understand that circumstances can change and the unforeseen can occur, but once cashed, all payments are non-refundable.  Cancellation insurance can be purchased through the ACC National HQ in Canmore.


For all self-guided weeks we’ll have 12 (max) ACC Members per week.

The camp is self-guided, self-catered and self-managed.  Most, if not all, routes will involve glacier travel, so participants should have knowledge of crevasse rescue techniques.

Whilst the Camp is self-guided, we can accommodate some less experienced team members, so please email the section camp coordinator, Clare Ormerod – clareormerod@hotmail.co.uk – if you’re not certain, to discuss your application.

After May 1 the camp will be opened up to other Sections.

How to Sign Up:

Please sign-up for the week you’re interested in on the club calendar and download the application form.  Please email your completed form back to the coordinator, Clare Ormerod and the relevant Camp Manager/s. Also feel free to email with any questions you may have. The Camp Manager for your chosen week will review your application and contact you to let you know you are on the trip. The full payment must be made before you are moved off the wait list and confirmed on the trip.