How to Post a Trip on the Event Calendar

The Event Calendar is located at To access it from the main website, navigate to Activities -> Current Calendar. General Instructions for the software used on the Event Calendar website are available at: 

Where do I update my Bio?

Under Account -> Preferences

How do I post a new trip?

Volunteer -> Manage Events (future) -> *Add New ACC Event (at the top of the page)


Start Date/Time:
Carpool Departure Time:
Registration Opens:
Registration Cut Off:
Trip Coordinator(s):
Difficulty Rating: 

*Who’s Invited: Members Only / Members & Guests
You can decide if you will let members bring additional guests, if so, you must include numbers below in the “Maximum Guests Size” and “Maximum # Guests per Member”

*Attendee Screening: Attendees are Pre-Screened / Registration is First-Come/First-Serve
If you chose pre-screening, people who sign up for your trip will go automatically to the wait list and you will need to chose your participants and actively move them onto
your participant list. This is necessary if your trip involves a payment, or if you wish to screen participants. If you chose first-come, first-serve, anyone who signs up will
automatically be placed as a participant on the trip until the spots you have designated are full.

*Age Restriction:
Relevant if you do not want responsibility for minors – minors can only be included when they have a parent present on the trip. 

Maximum Group Size:
Maximum Guests Size:
Minimum Group Size:
Maximum # Guests per Member:

Required Items to Bring:
Recommended Items to Bring:
Travel: [ ] This Event Will Have a Carpool
              [ ] If carpooling, allow meet at event?
Total Km (round trip) NUMBERS ONLY: (will be multiplied by 0.50 to calculate approximate vehicle expense)
Carpool Location:
Carpool Directions:
Carpool Question: If you want to ask your carpool drivers to specify passenger/equipment capacity, etc.
Cancellation/Partial Attendance Statement:
Additional Notes:

*Save Event:
Save Changes
You can choose to save the event as a draft or post it to the calendar immediately, it will not go to the calendar and participants will not be able to sign up UNTIL you post it to the calendar.

Draft Only
Post Directly to Calendar

Do check the option to send notifications to subscribing members – this is what
generates the automatic email that informs members that the event has been posted
and will stimulate people to sign up for your event.
Send Notifications to Subscribing Members


For events that require payment, you can request that a paypal button be added to your event posting. To request a button, send a copy of the link for your event and the amount of the payment to