Comprehensive Trip Leader Course

Comprehensive Trip Leader Course
May 17, 2016 Clare Ormerod

A large group of ACC Calgary members took part in the Comprehensive Trip Leader course this last weekend.  It was a fun and informative course aimed at aspiring trip co-ordinators and also current co-ordinators who want to brush up on trip leading and outdoor adventure skills.

It was a 2 day course with some in-house sessions led by the T&L committee and other experienced trip leaders, the sessions ranged from First Aid, Navigation, Group management skills and many more.     Half a day was spent in the field looking at unplanned bivvy spots and practising navigation.   Sunday was spent entirely outside with 3 separate groups and each person taking a turn to lead a group and practice soft skills but also working through scenarios (short roping, first aid, group management) as we scrambled up the mountainside.

There was a great atmosphere with everyone feeling engaged in every session and determined to get out there and lead some fun trips!  Keep your eye on the calendar for some cool trips, led by very enthusiastic leaders.

So?   You want to co-ordinate trips but are unsure of your ability then sign up for this course, unfortunately they are only run once a year though.   The other option for you to co-ordinate trips is to co-lead a trip with a current co-ordinator and see how it goes. I am willing to go out on week day easy/moderate scrambles as a co-leader – just let me know and we can take it from there 🙂   There are plenty of other people out there who are willing to co-lead, just ask around.

If you feel ready to co-ordinate a trip, then get in touch with the Training & Leadership or Ski/Climbing chairs to get on the Trip Organiser list so you have the right website permissions to post.   Here is a link explaining what you need to do:

Enjoy and be safe!


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