Bow Summit – Dec.3

Bow Summit – Dec.3
December 7, 2016 Nathalie Drotar

This past Saturday Josh and Lida posted a ski trip to Bow Summit and I knew the conditions were going to be just right so I was glad to be in 🙂 It was blowing snow in Lake Louise and we all thought it was going to be a goggle day but it cleared up as we were driving north!

Hwy 93 views

Hwy 93 views

There were many cars  along the highway and  a lot of fresh powder to be had the more north we drove. The Bow Summit parking lot had quite a few groups getting ready but we all dispersed and even though we did ski down with another group of 5 the first time, we went other directions after and were never on top of each other, it was great! 


We ended up doing 900 m. elevation gain


and loss woot woot!!

and a beacon practice on the way back to the car. Great dusting-the-skis-in-powder-day with Josh, Lida, Enid and Nima!



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