How to.. build a rescue sled from skis!

How to.. build a rescue sled from skis!
February 12, 2017 Gerry Drotar

Check out these videos :

Pretty slick system as it’s using what you have with you when going ski touring: skis, poles, shovel and a bit of cordelette! 

The only piece that’s missing in the first video is that before you head out, you need to drill holes in the front and back of the skis – yes of your precious skis sorry 🙂  but you can fill them with silicone – and on all for corners of your shovel.. (unless you want to do that on your buddy’s skis on the parking lot while he is putting his ski boots on ha ha ha!) The second video shows this, but the sound quality isn’t great.

Honestly we wished we had had that system in place when Ger broke his ankle in November last year. We were able to make something up but 1. it was not comfortable to sit on and 2. the skis kept crossing in the front so I ended up carrying both his and my skis on my pack and walking with him holding  and leaning the side of my pack and hopping on one foot.. try doing that for a couple hours on your next trip and you will have a taste of what we could call “snail pace” 🙂 


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