Social Committee looking for volunteers

Social Committee looking for volunteers
July 30, 2017 Nathalie Drotar
Aloha all,  I am hoping to chair a social committee rather than be the social committee. Please join this fun committee and tell your spouses and club members to join this important committee.
I will host a committee get together at a local watering hole – Thursday Aug 10  7-8 pm at TBD (suggestions welcome)  to really jump start this favorite committee jamboree. I hope at least three or four ACC members join me – and Paul D by default – to ensure club success the rest of the year.
If you can not attend then at least please let me know via e-mail or by phone 403 835 9508 (preferred), how you would like to help out in the fall and winter and spring. Thank you all so very much and I hope you are having a safe and adventuresome season out there!
About Paddy:  I have been an alpine club member for many years and enjoyed reading the newsletters and booking fantastic back country huts such as those on the Wapta Icefield. I love the mountains and the waterways that cut through and run across our vast country. I have climbed and hiked and paddled more in British Columbia for work but am experiencing a resurgence in the Rockies of late. I am working on a film project in the Bugaboos and dream of one day being seen on the big screens at my favorite festival in Banff of course.

As the new chair person of the social committee, I am very much looking forward to many special events with the club and new climbing and paddling and hiking partners. Perhaps tipping a pint or sipping a scotch would be appropriate after a hike among the larches or on the deck at the chateau? 
Paddy McGuire


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