Mountain Treasures

Mountain Treasures
May 9, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

I’ve been climbing now for about 40 years and thought I would recap the many items that I’ve found over the years.

If you wish to claim anything please submit two forms of ID, a fifty dollar bill and a blood sample, allow 6-9 months for processing. Please be a where that the equipment may have been tossed and your fifty bucks you will never see again!
4- ropes 3 on Edith Cavel- 1 on an Ice climb ( I forget )
1- Technical Ice Axe – Louise Falls
2- Mountaineering Axes – Opal or Opa! mountain, Middle Teton  
3- Cameras – Noseum Creek, Peyto Lake winter Parking Spot and a place I forget  !
   We found two of the owners, at least Allan Main found them ! 
1- Go Pro – Louise Falls 
20 plus – Ice Screws – New to very old  and 30 plus – Biners 
1- Crampon – not a pair- Moon Light ice climb
300+  Abalakov Anchors 
15 – Rap rings/ quick links
2- Hard boiled eggs – Ixtaccihuatl, Mexico 
1 – US of A Flag- At the top of El Pico de  Orizaba – we through it into the Abiss !
New Zamberlan Boots – Up on Sir Donald ( some one walked out in their Rock Shoes ! )
2- Bear Spray Cans- Assiniboine and Edith Cavell.
8m of new unsewn spectra – Crestone Needle Colorado 
5 – Cams( no Roes)1 on The Tower of Babel, 3 on The Crestone Needle, 1 on Joy  
Traction devices and parts, toques and gloves
New long undies Black size M ( not my size but they did make my butt look small ) – Cathedral Mountain
Sun Glasses, dog leash, A nice Leatherman 
$5.00 on Mt. Ogden, $ 20.00 on Kahl Crack  
Ski poles, Pack straps and coins
Aluminum Thermometer and case
Bear Banger pen thingy, on route to Fang and Fist the Ice Climb
Old ice climbing conduits, three belay devices
2- Hookers both at the North Victoria col
1 ear ring and one watch 
MEC Rental skis and poles left behind at Dolomite parking area. 
One easily pulled out ring piton – Grand Teton 
Old bundle of tent poles in a bag on route to – Mt. Ball 
Ha … the total sum of this stuff equals about 25 bucks in my opinion !
Safe climbing out there, have a great summer.
Chuck Young


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