Biography of your dedicated Board members – Lida Frydrychova

Biography of your dedicated Board members – Lida Frydrychova
June 9, 2018 Nathalie Drotar
My name is Lida Frydrychova and I am the Alpine Chair of the Calgary ACC section. I have led a large number of ACC alpine, ski and rock trips. As the ACC Alpine chair my mandate is to develop a strong alpine community inside and outside of the club. For that reason I have developed the Alpine Mentorship Program. I am very excited to be part of ACC and the greater mountain community in Calgary. 
My passions are backcountry skiing, mountaineering, rock and ice climbing including international travel related to these activities. Last year I led a trip to the French Alps where we traversed the Mont Blanc Massif over 5 days. I also led a rock climbing trip to El Portero Chico in Mexico which involved a week of multi-pitch climbing. I plan to do many more ACC trips in amazing locations in and outside of Canada.
My passion with the mountains started with scrambling and backpacking. When I joined the ACC Calgary section I was exposed to more and more adventures activities and have since discovered many remote locations of the Canadian Rockies. In the last few years I have applied my skills at higher altitudes summiting Mont Blanc, Mt Sajama (highest mountain in Bolivia) and Denali (highest mountain in North America). I am thankful to the Alpine club for introducing me to the big mountains and the Canadian Rockies which I still consider the most adventures mountains around and I am very thankful to live so close to them.
In addition to playing in the mountains lots, I also have a very busy job leading a large accounting team at a large company. I never seem to have a slow moment between work and playing in the mountains but I like it that way.


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