Interpretive Tidbits

Interpretive Tidbits
July 21, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

Clark’s nutcracker caches up to 20K seeds per year – and remembers where. 

While it’s often used as an insult, calling someone a birdbrain should actually be a compliment, says CBC Alberta’s resident wildlife expert Brian Keating… ARTICLE HERE

Living With Wildlife
The Bow Valley of Alberta, Canada is one of the busiest places in the world where people and grizzly bears coexist. The ‘Living with Wildlife’ film and video series LINK HERE profiles how communities have adapted to wildlife by having bear-proof garbage systems, fencing and wildlife crossing structures on highways, wildlife corridors, bear management, and education programs. The Bow Valley to is a key connection for wildlife movement between protected areas in the Yellowstone to Yukon region.
This is a partnership project between Bear Conflict Solutions, Calgary Foundation, Town of Canmore, Alberta Parks and Environment, Yellowstone to Yukon, CPAWS, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The series is being made available for free download for educational purposes.
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