Your ACC Library Book of the Month

Your ACC Library Book of the Month
December 15, 2018 Nathalie Drotar
Make or Break: Don’t Let Climbing Injuries Dictate Your Success, by Dave MacLeod

Make or Break is a great book to read before or after experiencing a climbing injury. It contains the usual “what exercises to do to recover from [insert common climbing injury here]” and the “see your doctor/physio in these cases, and to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly,” but you can get that from any old website nowadays. Where this book really shines is in its holistic approach to injury prevention and recovery.
Dave has had personal experiences with many common climbing injuries. In this book, he describes the contributing factors (and related science) to help you avoid repeating the same mistakes.
If you are not so lucky to read the book and follow its recommendations and are now dealing with an avoidable over-use injury (or if you have experienced a traumatic injury from a climbing fall, accident, rockfall, etc.,) the bulk of the book covers:
– The stages of injury recovery
– Who to talk to about specific injuries, and what to say to them
– Dealing with the injury on a psychological level
– Exercises and protocols for recovering from specific injuries
A detailed list of what is covered in each chapter is available here:
Mark Carlson, ACC Librarian


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