Knot Testing Project, Gear Wanted

Knot Testing Project, Gear Wanted
March 5, 2019 Orvel Miskiw

                             Call for Donations of Knot-Testing Items

Al Dunham of Campbell River, a previous Section member and keen climber, is planning a testing project for knots, especially rappel joining knots, and still needs some bits of equipment, for both testing and part of his test equipment. He hopes to get donations of surplus from members.

He is looking for:

                                                                 Examples of Eqpt Needed

old ropes
cord 5 – 9mm, new or used, static or dynamic:  if you know cord manufacturer, please include it
#12 quicklinks
Stubai 5000 biners
steel biners
2″ pulleys
double pulleys

Alan will appreciate any of the above, so if you have anything like that sitting around in your basement, etc. and willing to support this initiative, please let me know:  I can collect it for him to pick up in a couple of months.



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