Trip Leader Subsidy Policy

Trip Leader Subsidy Policy
May 10, 2015 Webmaster

On-going Learning Course Subsidy 

Last updated on April 24, 2020.


To provide financial assistance to Trip Leaders and aspiring Leaders/Coordinators (these terms are used interchangeably) to meet minimum criteria to become a Trip Leader as set-out by the Calgary Section Board. Training subsidies are also provided to promote on-going leadership training with the goal of developing the skills of our Leaders.


Calgary Section Members who take a mountain skills and/or a First Aid course and, 12 months before or after the completion of the course, coordinate a trip for the Calgary Section, may apply for a subsidy under this program within the following parameters:

  • For most courses, the subsidy amount is the cost of the course, up to $200 per course. (See examples below.)
  • The trip must be lead within 12 months (before or after) of the course to be eligible. This time period can be extended at the discretion of the Board if a trip can not be organized within the period for due cause.
  • Any course on the Calgary Section’s Course Schedule (Winter or Summer) is eligible for a subsidy. Any course NOT on the Section’s Course Schedule should be pre-approved by the Board to determine eligibility. Courses should be related to First Aid training or Mountaineering skills (for example: ski, ice, rock, alpine, mountain safety and rescue).
  • Each Leader can apply for one subsidy per year. He can apply for a second subsidy if one of the courses is a First Aid course and the total subsidy amount for the First-Aid course has not exceeded $200. In order to be eligible for two subsidies, the member must lead two trips within that calendar year.
  • To apply, please give to the Training and Leadership committee a copy of your invoice and a copy of the waiver of your trip.
  • The applicant must be a paid member of the Calgary Section at the time they take the course, at the time they lead the trip, and also at the time they apply for the subsidy.
  • This subsidy program can be cancelled at any time. Every fiscal year, a different amount (limit) is budgeted to finance this program. This limit is based on the budget available and amounts paid during prior years. Once the limit is reached, no more subsidies are paid out for the year. At the Board’s discretion, this threshold can be raised if the budget allows it.
  • The requisite form for the subsidy is located here:

The North Face Course (TNF)

Each of these courses (winter and summer) are assigned a subsidy of 50% of the total tuition. The TNF courses count as one of the two courses that Leaders may apply for. In order to satisfy the requirements for this course, a Leader must lead 6 events for our Section.  At least 3 of which must be within a year after you’ve completed the TNF leadership course. 

Course Subsidy Process

  1. The leader or potential leader takes a course and saves the receipt. The leader must organize trip within one year of the date of the course in order for it to be eligible for reimbursement.
  2. The coordinator saves the waiver from the trip; this acts as proof that a trip was coordinated with actual participants and that the course benefited the club.
  3. The coordinator submits the receipt for the course, along with the waiver for the trip, to the ACC Training and Leadership Committee for consideration.
  4. The Training and Leadership Committee considers its budget and approves the subsidy. The T&L Committee also uses this information to compile statistics for the AGM and other ACC promotional opportunities.
  5. Once approved, the Treasurer writes a cheque and mails it to the Coordinator for the appropriate course subsidy amount.


  • A member takes a First Aid course at a cost of $130.00 and leads a trip 12 months before or after completing that course. Subsidy amount is $130.00.
  • A member takes a Crevasse Rescue Course at a cost of $200.00 and leads a trip within 12 months of completing that course. Subsidy amount is $200.00 (the maximum amount).
  • A member takes a First Aid Course at a cost of $130.00 and an Introductory Recreational Avalanche Course for $110.00 and then leads two trips, each within 12 months of completing each course. Subsidy amount is $200.00 ($130 for the First Aid, but only $70 for the IRAC because the member has reached the limit of $200).
  • A member takes an Ice Safety Refresher Course for $90.00 and also takes a Mixed Climbing Course for $240 then leads two trips within 12 months. Subsidy amount is $200.00. Only one course is eligible (the one with the highest cost) since the other course is not a First Aid course.
  • A member takes the North Face Leadership Course for $800; and also takes the Advanced Adventure Medic Course for $625.00; and also take a Crevasse Rescue Course for $150 and then leads three trips, each within 12 months of taking each course. Subsidy amount is $600: $400 (50%) for the North Face Course and $200 for the First Aid course. No subsidy is given for the Crevasse Rescue Course since the maximum number of subsidies is two.)
  • The requisite form for the subsidy is located here:

Multi-day trip Subsidy

Participants or the club may subsidize coordinator’s cost for trips of 5 days or longer duration. The purpose of the subsidy is to promote the coordination of long-trips on the section calendar Longer trips involve significant time that is required to organize the logistics for such a trip and the additional role that a coordinator normally takes during these longer trips.

Trip coordinators are eligible for a subsidy either by the Club or the trip participants within the following parameters:

  • The trip has a minimum duration of 5 days
  • Only the Trip Leader is eligible to a subsidy.
  • If the trip gets subsidized by the trip participants, it is necessary to mention that the participants are subsidizing the Trip Leader’s cost in the trip description when posting the trip to the trip calendar.
  • If the trip is subsidized by the club, the subsidy should be made clear and the application process to get on the trip must be fair such that all members in good standing have an opportunity to benefit from the subsidy.
  • The Trip Leader must receive written (e.g. email) approval for the subsidy by the Section Board.
  • For local trips, that subsidy generally consists of the coordinator’s hut fees and helicopter flight cost but does not include personal expenses.
  • For international trips, only the cost on-site is object for subsidy and not the air fares to get to the international destination, nor personal cost.


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