Aster Lake Ski CampMarch 11-13, 2016

Aster Lake Ski CampMarch 11-13, 2016
March 17, 2016 Brent Hepfner

Great varied terrain, big area with 3 basins, all aspects, choice of alpine, treeline or below, lovely skiing conditions, tough tour with big packs and route finding.  Clear day Friday picking our way into area, setting-up camp and going for turns above camp.  Next day plan was to climb up high to the west onto Mangin glacier and checkout possible assault on Joffre.  However, cold front moved in (as forecasted) bringing snow and poor viz so we didn`t even get to Warrior col.  Retreated back down to treeline after observing too much windslab and high winds on the moraines.  Found nice powder skiing in sheltered glades with less wind east of the camp near Foch Ck drainage off of Mt Marlborough northerly slopes.  Third day woke-up with tents under fresh snow and went skiing for a few hours prior to the slog out.  Even the ski out gives some nice, steep and deep, northerly glades and big trees.  It is certain that this writer will return to camp and ski here further.

Submitted by Brent Hepfner

On behalf of himself, Ernst Stalder, Andrew Christian, Shaun Luong, Theron Finley.





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