Ice Review 2018 – Johnston Canyon ‘Prime Time’

Ice Review 2018 – Johnston Canyon ‘Prime Time’
January 24, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

As part of the annual Ice Review, on Sat Jan 13, our group of 5 were featured ice climbers in Johnston Canyon’s ‘Prime Time’! There was standing room only on the upper falls observation deck. It was great to see so many people enjoying winter, including international photo hounds and families, in addition to the climbers. 

We got an early start, geared up by 9:00 and got two ropes on the right hand side, a20 metre WI 3 and a 25 metre WI4, for lap training. The sun came out on our side of the canyon around 1:30, it was wonderful to enjoy the warmth of the sun after such a cold spell.

The group included John, Paula, Rob, Kristine and Eric for a fabulous day on the ice! Here are some photos from the trip, thanks Eric and John.


Pic above: Rob getting ready to strike!

Pic above: Kristine is loving that sun, good grip with those crampons!

Featured picture above: Paula is just hanging out looking good on steep ice.

Text and pictures from Paula Corbeil and John Adams.


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