Monthly Meeting and Presentation! February 21st.

Monthly Meeting and Presentation! February 21st.
February 10, 2017 Webmaster
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Chic Scott: Fantasy and Reality, Filming the Eiger Sanction!

Chic Scott really needs no introduction, being an honorary member of many a mountain club, a multi-award winner for his writing. Over 50 years of adventure he has climbed and skied around the world, organized clubs and foundations,written books and worked as a mountain guide! This evening’s presentation will focus on his experience working with the crew on the filming of  “The Eiger Sanction”. 

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During the summer of 1974 Chic spent 7 weeks working with Clint Eastwood, Dougal Haston and Hamish McInnes filming The Eiger Sanction. In this presentation Chic takes a look behind the scenes at the personalities, the stunts, the adventure and the tragedy. Then we watch some of the footage with a running commentary on the actors and the action. Come along, February 21st, it should be a fascinating evening! 



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