Interview of your dedicated Board members – Graham McKelvie

Interview of your dedicated Board members – Graham McKelvie
October 10, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

Graham moved to Calgary only about a year or so ago and decided to join our ACC Calgary section as Membership Chair. His role is described as follows: to be available at all section meetings to answer questions relating to membership and to welcome new members to the section. 

Good on you Graham! way to get to know people who love the outdoor just like you and to get involved with your community! Below is what he has to tell us about himself.. enjoy!

How long have you been a member of the Alpine Club and/or Calgary Section and what motivated you to become a member at the time?

I grew up in the flattest agricultural land in eastern Ontario, nice area, but flat.  For university, I moved to Hamilton Ontario to attend McMaster University. In Hamilton, they have “the mountain” – but while wonderful to explore the conservation areas with plenty of waterfalls and hiking trails, it is not really a mountain, but the Niagara Escarpment.  Finally, when I moved to Calgary last year, I realized that I am truly now near “the mountains”. Joining ACC Calgary was a way to explore the area and to do some of my exploring with others from ACC.

I cannot say that I have a lot of experience in visiting different mountain ranges or that I have been on epic treks, but am up for new challenges.  As a kid, my family went camping every summer and always hiked in the park areas. A few multi-day canoe trips introduced me to the rivers of Algonquin Park and the cabins along the waterways.  Meals were always a well-earned treat on those trips – and I have to say that my favourite camping/hiking meal is hot chilli; it is such comfort food to warm the body. My favourite adventures from that time were in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. 

There are so many state parks, and all with hiking trails, lookouts, cabins and waterfalls, but in that area, my favourite was trying to hike the Saranac Lake 6ers, starting at Mount Baker but then working through some of the others – the views are totally worth it.  And now that I am in the Calgary area, I can hardly wait to see “new views” from grander heights.



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