Wheeler Hut Family Weekend!

Wheeler Hut Family Weekend!
April 4, 2017 David Roe

Imagine…winter, a balmy -5C, heaps of snow, glow sticks at night, toboggans, an untracked toboggan run, ice cold creeks with icicles above them dangling from the bushes ready to pluck and slurp, friends galore, running

Boys being boys!

amok in a mountain hut, free rein to do whatever you wanna do (well, within reason, right?), fire places, more heaps of snow, no lego, 12ish hours each day of free play, no electronic devices, an army of plastic soldiers, cards… OMG, the list could go on! If you were indeed setting your imagination to such a thing, you’d be forgiven if you swooned as you were delivered into the ideal winter weekend of a child’s life. Whew! …take a break…

“And Dad, when we get to the top, could you run to the hut and get me a hot chocolate?’

This was the 4th (5th?) annual Winter Wheeler Hut Family Weekend! Sure, it doesn’t seem as idyllic for the parents of those kids lucky enough to be there, but as a famous person (who exactly, is anyone’s guess) once said, “You’re only as happy as your unhappiest child.” So, while dads’ and moms’ hands were elbow deep in dirty dish water, there were smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts – potentially helped by beer, or scotch, or Baileys or wine! 

Parents should only travel in minimum groups of 4.

There were about 30 of us altogether, roughly half adults, half kids, ranging in age from 1-10 (the kids, that is). Many parental units were dads out alone with their sons or daughters for the weekend – sweet. This year we had a wide open toboggan hill leading from the rail bed trail down into the campground, which was great, and awesome fun but paled in comparison to the luge run we were able to build through the trees last year! Believe it or not, there wasn’t nearly the snow this year on this early season trip as there was last year, by 4 or 5 feet! 

This trip is definitely the stuff of memories and part of a foundation for a great outdoor life!

Thanks to the Belangers, Franshams, Grants, Englers, McCranks, Britos’, Stacks and Syvertsons for a fantastic, fun weekend!

A few feet shy of the snow we had last year, still, enough for a great time!



  1. David Roe 6 years ago

    The year they carry our stuff in…will be the year they borrow our stuff to come in with their buddies! 🙂

  2. Sandy Fransham 6 years ago


    Thanks so much for organizing this fun filled event! Looking forward to next year and the year that the kids carry our stuff in!!

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