Early season climbing – boom or bust

Early season climbing – boom or bust
May 4, 2017 Webmaster

I sort of called it a season for skiing uncharacteristically early. The result is that Phil the skier is climbing a lot. I’m damn near having an identity crisis. 

Luckily, Katherine is always game to go climb things in questionable conditions. 

Three weeks ago, we got super lucky on Le Soulier (the shoe) – I think we had all of Tunnel Mountain to ourselves and conditions were absolutely prime. Warm, sunny, whole deal. 

Le soulier climb

Katherine wandering up The Shoe in perfect weather

This past Saturday we tried to get even more aggressive and headed to Plutonian Shores (which I have yet to top out on because it’s been raining every time I’ve tried to climb it). Turns out it’s still blanketed in snow. Oops. Further driving all over the Bow Valley resulted in striking out everywhere before slinking back to Sunshine Slabs, tail between our legs. 

Well, that’s a little more snow than I like on a rock climb… Plutonian Shores was a bust.

Learning from our mistakes, we went for Aftonroe on Sunday and got lucky with weather – the ensuing snowstorm while we were on route wasn’t bad enough to turn us around. Sunday also marked the first day I’ve gotten snowed on AND found ticks crawling through my hair. Good times. 

Just a little snow on Aftonroe…

Climbing season (and tick season) is definitely on out there, especially with this latest warm weather, just maybe stick to the sunny stuff for now… 


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