Communication Committee – looking for volunteers!

Communication Committee – looking for volunteers!
July 3, 2017 Nathalie Drotar

Hey all!  a couple months back I started as Breeze Editor – with the help of Dave Roe previous ACC Chair and webmaster thankfully! – and since then I’ve been promoted to Communication Chair Yay! – you voted for me remember?! 🙂  

I love this role and I have a TON of ideas on the Communication subject for my favorite club and for the benefit of all members but.. yes there is a but.. I can’t do it all by myself..

Sooo this is a call for volunteers to be part of the Communication Committee.. if you are communication inclined and want to volunteer come on join us/me! If interested contact me by email:, thanks in advance!

Nathalie Drotar 

ACC Communication Committee



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