Interview/Biography of your dedicated Board members – Vi Pickering

Interview/Biography of your dedicated Board members – Vi Pickering
July 14, 2017 Nathalie Drotar

Vi Pickering, our dedicated Treasurer answered a few questions for us. Say hi the next time you see her at an event or around the city!

How long have you been a member of the Alpine Club and/or Calgary Section and what motivated you to become a member at the time?

Joined the Rocky Mountain Section about 1992 then the Calgary Section in about 2007. I became a member because I love the outdoors and wanted to get my children into the back country huts the ACC had available.

What started your connection with the mountain world?

Living in Banff and having friends that worked at the Banff Centre for Mountain Culture inspired my love for the mountains.

What are your favorite activities in the mountains?

Mountaineering, climbing, skiing and scrambling.

Have you visited different mountain ranges around the world, where and when?

I have climbed in Switzerland, Dolomites, South America and Kilimanjaro in Africa.

What was your longest or hardest, most epic mountain adventure?

Completing Assiniboine and Edith Cavell in Jasper in one weekend.

What would you say is the biggest difference between mountain adventures when you started and now?

I am more confident and wiser at making prudent decisions in the mountains.

How much do you still get out now? What inspires you to get out?

I get out every weekend through out the year. 

Why do you enjoy leading trips for the section?

The ACC has such a history and I want that history of contributions to continue for years to come.  I want to encourage others to lead trips and fall in love with the outdoors as I have.

What’s your favorite meal when staying and cooking in a hut? And when camping?

Simple, easy, filling meals that provide the energy you need.

What is your favorite piece of equipment and/or favorite clothes when going out there?

A good back pack…and good layers.  The big puffy when ice climbing.

Any inspiring mountain related sentence for our readers?

There is never a bad day in the mountains….


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