ROCK IT update

ROCK IT update
August 23, 2017 Nathalie Drotar

You’ve probably noticed this trip title on the calendar and wondered if your section was now offering Rock n’ Roll type of courses.. nope sorry, we will stick to the mountain element! Here is an update from Nicole Morter:

This year we had quite a few ROCK IT participants who really took the bull by the horns. We had a small group, but they were really keen to practice as much as they could and get comfortable doing things themselves. Everyone had multiple chances to practice setting anchors, cleaning anchors and rappelling.

They were able to work through problems like how to safely extend their personal anchor/connection to the anchor in order to properly weight their rappel if they’d hooked themselves up too close to the anchor initially. I was very excited by their enthusiasm and I hope to see them out going forward.

and if you feel you want to improve your climbing skills from indoor to outdoor or from top-roping to start leading sign up the next time you see sessions!


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