Interview with David Roe

Interview with David Roe
December 15, 2017 Nathalie Drotar

Most of you know Dave Roe our current Past Chair but I’m sure many of you will still discover a lot about him when reading his answers to my questions and the list of his extensive volunteer years for our Section.. if you needed inspiration and dedication here you go! 🙂

Dave served as Section Chair from October 2012 to April 2016.

He is currently member of the ACC Calgary Section Communications and Safety Committees.

From 2004 he was Webmaster for 8.5 years and still assists in this role – OMG, 13 years later!

From 2004-2007 he was a member of the Climbing Committee.

From 2010 to 2012 he was also Section Summer Camp Coordinator.

In 2014 he received the Alpine Club of Canada’s Heritage Award for his 25th year of continuous individual membership.

In 2015 he had the honour of receiving the Alpine Club of Canada`s Distinguished Service Award.

So the next time you cross paths with him, don’t hesitate to congratulate him!

Dave, how long have you been a member of the Alpine Club and/or Calgary Section and what motivated you to become a member at the time?

This is an atypical response since my involvement could be considered to have begun pre-natal. 😉 My Dad joined the ACC just before I was born and just after my brother was born. My brother’s birth and my imminent arrival (the 5th of 6 children) clearly drove Dad to want to get out of the house more. When I was a youngster I was part of the family membership (when they came into existence) and have been an individual member for about 30 years.

What started your connection with the mountain world?

Definitely my Dad.

What are your favorite activities in the mountains?

My favourite thing is to be active in the mountains! Exactly what, depends on what I’m doing at the time… i.e. if I’m doing something in the mountains, that something is my current favourite! 🙂 That is as long as it’s away from the madding crowd, maybe with a buddy or my family but sometimes on my own. Favourite mountain…? Castle Mountain, sp. Eisenhower Tower.

Have you visited different mountain ranges around the world, where and when?

I’m definitely an adventure seeker but it doesn’t need to be in mountains – though I have explored the mountains in New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and not so much explored as visited the Pyrenees in Southern France and mountains in other parts of the world including Indonesia and West Africa – hills compared to the Rockies.

What was your longest or hardest, most epic mountain adventure?

I have had some very long days in the mountains, many of them hard, none that I would call epic. None that I would think are exceptional enough to mention. I was benighted once, on Mount White…started too late, got too ambitious and ran out of light trying to make my way down an “alternate” descent route, this was the only time I unintentionally spent the night out. I was prepared however, as I tend to be, usually, so it wasn’t *really* unpleasant.

What would you say is the biggest difference between mountain adventures when you started and now?

Over the years, my days in the mountains have evolved, early in my life I guess they were more spontaneous, unplanned forays into the mountains just to get out, sort of motivated by youthful angst more than anything. Now they’re much more planned and intentional.

How much do you still get out now? What inspires you to get out?

I still get out some, with my family and without. Nothing but serious illness will keep me out of the mountains; I love Calgary for its proximity. What inspires me is nature in general and my love of the mountains in particular…simple really. 🙂

Why do you enjoy leading trips for the section?

I don’t that much, but when I do, I love facilitating the getting out to the mountains for other people, if I can make it easier for them, that’s my mission. Because everyone’s better for getting out in nature and in the mountains! That’s also my main reason for supporting the club in other ways. The ACC, and the individual Sections in particular, bring people together to get outside and as a consequence, in my opinion, be better, happier people.

What’s your favorite meal when staying and cooking in a hut? And when camping?

Oatmeal! I’m half Scottish.

What is your favorite piece of equipment and/or favorite clothes when going out there?

Headlamp, no question, if I should carry anything, it’s a headlamp (or two).

Any inspiring mountain related sentence for our readers?

Not really mountain related, but related to getting outside. In a presentation that Will Gadd once gave, he talked about meeting a farmer during his cross-America ultra-light aircraft trip. This farmer said, “God doesn’t take away from you any days you spend outside.” Sweet, simple words to live by…well as least partly…


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