“Documentary + Discussion” Series: Forests, Fins & Footprints: Clear-Cutting a Community

“Documentary + Discussion” Series: Forests, Fins & Footprints: Clear-Cutting a Community
January 31, 2018 Kristine O'Rielly

Screening to be held on February 13th. 

This is the story of the Ghost Valley and the community who fought to save it. The Ghost watershed, just fifty km northwest of us, provides clean water for Calgary, corridors for wildlife, and habitat for trout to lay their eggs. In the last three years, clear-cutting on the eastern slopes of the Rockies drastically impacted the landscape the community holds dear. This is the community’s story, told in hopes that the next communities to face the pressures of clear-cut forestry will succeed in their fight to safeguard Alberta’s Public Lands for water and wildlife.


5:30pm – 6pm: Eat Village ice-cream and chat with phenomenal people!

6pm – 6:15pm: Welcome!

6:15pm – 6:45pm: Screening: “Forests, Fins & Footprints: Clear-cutting a Community”

6:45pm – 8pm: Vibrant audience discussion with experts and community leaders!

This event is organized by The Ghost Valley Community and The Graduate College, and supported by the awesome following partners: The Graduate Students’ Association, the Office of Sustainability, and the Department of Geography at the University of Calgary.

Details and registration details can be found here: 




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