Ice Review 2018 – Little Gem 25m of nice Grade 4

Ice Review 2018 – Little Gem 25m of nice Grade 4
January 24, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

Back on January 14, 2018 during the Calgary Section Ice Review we needed to go some place that wasn’t busy. Twelve vehicles were parked at the Bear Spirit parking lot but aha we had other plans ! Jacob Farkas and I marched right past the left turn going up to Bear Spirit and joined the creek to the right.

Well the going was slow because there was just two of us and calf deep snow, no one had been in recently. I did the smart thing and had Jacob do the trail breaking after all he is one third of my age!

It took us a staggering three hours to push the trail through in fact we thought we missed the climb along the way. Once there we were pleasantly surprised by the width and condition of the Ice. Low grade 1-2 led to a nice ( nicer that Bear Spirit ) curtain of Grade 4 that no one had been on this year in my opinion.

We geared up, climbed it then used an Abalakov to rap back down. It took us only one hour and twenty minutes back to the parking area
which included time to talk to the hordes coming out of Bear Spirit. 

Do not be afraid to go up there as I personally know the two that set the trail and I can say it’s a good one and should take you no more
than one hour and fourty-five minutes to get to this nice Little Gem … You will not be disappointed !

Chuck Young

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  1. Isaac.Rynn 6 years ago

    Awesome. Good work!

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