Women Only Ski w.end – Feb. 9-11, 2018

Women Only Ski w.end – Feb. 9-11, 2018
February 24, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

For the 3rd winter in a row, we were a able to gather a group of women keen on skiing together in the Rogers Pass area. We stayed at the cozy Smiley Wolf and enjoyed the company of each other in the hot tub or around a table with an amazing spread of delicious food! 

The w.end was delayed from a Thursday after work departure to a Friday morning, which was just as well with all the road closures after the big snow fall we had just had. Some skied the KH resort Friday afternoon while a few of us skinned up in search of powder on the resort side. Day 2, most of us headed to Rogers Pass and skied all the way into Christiana Trees. There we made an uptrack in new snow so with 40cm ski pen we had a fantastic workout making an uptrack!! We went up 300m, floated/skiied down to the base of our track and after a 2nd go, we were ready to take the 2kms trail back to Bostock parking lot.


Day 3, we went up McGill Shoulder to find more winter wonderland pow in the sunshine but this time it had slight sun crust due to the southern exposure. We had a lot of fun but also a scare on the last bit with Karen M. who fell into a tree well made of a horizontal log. The snow span her around and turned her up-side-down as it gave under her feet. She got stuck with her skis at the top shouting to get some help. Luckily we were only 20m away and a group of skier coming down from Christiana trees (we happen to be 2m. from the trail!) and jumped in as i asked them to help. I was so close and yet unable to get ahead much with hip height snow. Not sure how the young man managed to get his skis off and yet not sink but go up to the lip of the tree well.. for sure lighter than me but maybe snow consistence different from where I was 1.5m away? whatever the case is, I/we all! was immensely relieved to see Karen’s head pop out of that hole. 

Skier friends, make sure you are never too far from your buddies to help! and yes wear a helmet, definitely safer!!

Overall a great and inspiring w.end with these fit and strong women between the age of 35 and 60.. some of them definitely kicked my butt! 😉




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