June 9, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

DON’T MISS OUT! Spots are filling up on this year’s summer camp at Mount Alexandra, it really looks like an amazing place to spend a week!

What is Section Camp?  Section camp is a self-guided, self-catered, camp that the Calgary section runs in the mountains of BC or Alberta each summer. This year we will be running it for 4 weeks, each week will have up to 12 participants who helicopter into the base camp and climb for a week, before heading out.

The section provides a base camp, with 2 large tents for cooking and gear, stoves, tables, chairs, a toilet (even a shower!), climbing ropes, radios and a Sat phone in case of emergencies. Participants bring their personal climbing gear, a tent, sleeping bag and all their food for the week.

Everyone is expected to help with camp chores, which can include setting up and taking down the camp, sorting gear beforehand, cleaning, fetching water and the delightful task of digging the privy. If you want a more full service camp, including catering and being guided, we suggest you attend national’s GMC.

Like last year we will be running an AMP instructional week provided by PeakStratagem guides. The intention of this is to mentor section members to improve confidence to operate independently in the mountains. 

Week 1: direct link

Week 2:direct link

Week 3: direct link

Week 4:direct link

We will be opening the weeks up to all sections from June 1 and are sure there will be lots of interest. Get your name onto a week and your application in if you are interested. 

If you want any more information contact clareormerod@hotmail.co.uk. 


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