Your Section is looking for Volunteers!

Your Section is looking for Volunteers!
October 10, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

With winter quickly approaching and the stoke rising to get on the skis, the ACC Calgary Section is looking for the assistance of trip leaders that are willing to help out with the BITS program and to organize our annual Powder Review.. Yes it all happens thanks to YOU!


What is BITS and why do we need you? The BITS (Backcountry Introduction to Tour Skiing) program gives section members who are new to backcountry skiing the opportunity to head out with a group of like-minded individuals. The purpose is to help build confidence in the backcountry, share skills, be safe and most importantly have fun. Simply put, the demand for this program is greater than the supply of trips currently on the calendar. While these may not be the most exciting trips for seasoned backcountry skiers, we all had to start somewhere. The feeling of sharing your love of skiing with others will provide a reward in itself. 

New for this winter and freshly voted by your Board members: the person taking over the BITS program will get a $300 subsidy to use towards an AMP course of his/her choice.. Pretty cool hey!?!


What is a Powder Review: A gathering of ACC’ers keen on backcountry skiing/splitboarding for the weekend, probably with rehydration on Saturday evening. 

When: Whenever you want  –    Where: Probably Lake Louise hostel or another hostel (no Hut is booked yet)

Why: You love backcountry skiing, you love to party, you love to eat and mostly you love to round up a couple of other trip coordinators to post trips on the same weekend, and you love to round up a shwack of participants to go on the trips

Interested in either of the two events/program? Please contact Tyler Hallman at  to discuss next steps. Or if you are feeling super pumped after seeing this, feel free to post a trip, labeled with “BITS”, directly to the calendar! 


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