Your ACC library Book of the Month

Your ACC library Book of the Month
November 10, 2018 Nathalie Drotar
The new (2018) Skaha Climbing book is out now, and the Calgary Section’s library has a copy.
The book is published by Quickdraw, and has a very similar feel to the Bow Valley Select and Squamish Select guidebooks. The format is a bit smaller, so it might actually fit in the lid of your pack!
Some Quickdraw standards are there: A top 100 list, a 5 star rating system, a sentence or two about every climb, recommended crags for different conditions, approach times, and grade distribution charts.
The top two features for me are:
– The crag map is on the front *and* back cover… and the crags have the page number beside the name. What a time saver!
– There are two separate indexes: Alphabetical, and by grade. The index by grade includes the star rating… so no more tedious flipping around to see if there is a 4 star 5.10b you have not done yet!
I have not had a chance to test the book out in the wild just yet, but I am definitely going to buy another copy for myself!
Mark Carlson
ACC Calgary Section Librarian



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