Invitation to Bighorn Country Consultation

Invitation to Bighorn Country Consultation
January 10, 2019 Nathalie Drotar
The Government of Alberta is proposing Bighorn Country as a way to strengthen the existing management of the area. The goal is to ensure safe and positive outdoor recreation, encourage development of tourism, protect critical headwaters and the landscape, and preserve what attracted us all to this land in the first place. The Bighorn Country proposal includes the expansion or establishment of eight parks, protected areas and two Public Land Use Zones.

You have been identified as having a potential interest in this proposal. As an interested stakeholder your input, concerns, and questions are vital to informing the proposed plans for land use management. 

Further information on the proposal and an online survey are available at  Comments will be collected until January 31st, 2019. 
Thank you for your participation in Bighorn Country.
A word from Lawrence White, ACC Executive Director:
If you have not heard, there is a proposal by the Alberta Government to create several protected areas adjacent to Banff National Park. Needless to say this would be amazing for the Club and all “quiet recreationists”. I encourage you to read the message below and fill out the online survey regardless of your political opinions for or against.
Thanks as ever.


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