ACC Calgary Event Calendar Upgrade 2021 – New Features

ACC Calgary Event Calendar Upgrade 2021 – New Features
July 19, 2021 Webmaster

Hello ACC Calgary Volunteers!

On Monday July 19 we upgraded the section’s Event Calendar website and relocated it to Although the website appearance remains largely the same as the previous website, there are some improvements specifically for events creation and management:

1. Addition of built-in WYSIWYG editor making it easier to add formatted texts and images to event details. You can copy formatted texts/images from elsewhere and paste them in the editor:

2. Added capability to allow member’s guest(s) on “screened” events (used to be members only for “screened” events.

3. For events with payment options, you will no longer have to email the treasurer to manually create Paypal buttons. Payment options are easily configurable from the event creation/modification page:

You can configure up to three levels of payment values (coordinator, member, guest). This is going to populate the “Payment Option” section of the event posting:

The new process for vetting for a payment required event is:
-> A member registers for the course and gets on the waitlist
-> You as a trip coordinator approves or rejects the member on the waitlist
-> If the member gets approved, he/she will see the payment button and able to make payment from the website
-> Once the payment is successful, the member will be automatically moved to the “signup” list, and there’s no further action from the trip coordinator to move paid members from the “waitlist” to the “signup” list. In another word you no longer have to ask the participant to email you proof of payment if it is paid directly through the website.

You will see the payment status from the waitlist/signup list:

You also have the option to overwrite the payment status (e.g. if someone wants to pay by other means).

That’s it for now! If you have any questions or encounter any issues on the new website feel free to drop me a note at

Thank you all!


Your Webmaster


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