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  • July 25, 2016 at 09:02 #13689

    Luc and I recently had our climbing shoes resoled at Kumpfy Shoes in Canmore, and were quite impressed with the results. Mine were a pair of Scarpa Force X’s, and Luc’s are the Moccasyms. Both pairs had lots of life left in the upper part of the shoe, but sharp limestone had eaten away almost all of the rubber on the bottom, robbing us of our edging power!

    At $45 per shoe, the cost of a resole is about 1/3 the cost of an entirely new pair, so to my frugal mind it was well worth it to get that much more life out of the shoes. They climbed very well, the new rubber was really sticky with good edging, and the new sole was very smoothly contoured into the rest of the shoe.

    The guy in the store was quite knowledgeable, and honest about what could realistically be repaired or not. If you are thinking of resoling your shoes, do it before you eat into the rubber on the toe rand!

    They are also considering having a weekly shoe pick up at some of the Calgary (to be confirmed), which would be pretty convenient.

    The next time my shoes run out of rubber before the uppers are worn out, I’ll be heading back there.

    August 8, 2016 at 09:28 #13829

    Thanks for the review Susan, I’ve just about burned through the soles of my favourite pair and I’ve been wondering who’s doing decent resoling these days…

    August 9, 2016 at 11:06 #13830

    I had a pair of la sportiva trango s evo mountaineering boots resoled there this spring for $125. When I did it, I thought it was a gamble but I am thoroughly impressed with the repair job. They have held up very well to numerous scrambles/ alpine descents and 2 trips to the bugaboos (5 days of real punishment).

    August 9, 2016 at 11:15 #13831

    Thank you Susan, I used to send mine to Ramuta’s in Seattle who does also an excellent job, but I had a pair done at Kumpfy this spring and totally like what they did. I left it to them to decide if they re-do the rand and instead of just making a few extra bucks they told me it was not necessary. They try to get them done for you within one week, so no need to send them somewhere else and wait.
    I do re-soling already for years and I have shoes which are on their 6th or 7th sole and still climb fine. In addition of the money you can save, there is no need to go through the pain of breaking in new shoes every year if you have a good cobbler who know what he is doing.

    As for the pricing, it is $45 for the pair and not per shoe.

    Prices are as follows (March 2016):

    Soles (pair) – $45.00
    One rand – $15.00
    Second rand – $10.00

    Rubber: 5.10, Vibram (4 mm and 5 mm) and Triop

    For sure worth to stay locally

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