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  • August 31, 2016 at 10:50 #13900

    If you aren’t from the coast – the coolness of this may be lost on you. Basically, despite being on the mainland, you normally need to take a ferry to get to the Sunshine Coast, but now, thanks to the work of a group of just amazingly dedicated people, there’s now a 70km trail that goes from Squamish to the Sunshine Coast. Before you had to either pay a ton of money to ferry over with your car, or you had to ride your bike to the ferry, take it to Gibson’s Landing and then ride from there.

    It’s still pretty bushwhacky at the moment which means that it’s only really passable on foot (it was done in 13 hours the other day by a trail runner) but I bet you that within a couple of seasons it’ll be bike passable which will open it up for way more people.

    Once it’s bike passable, then it’s a total game changer. Bike packing is exploding in popularity, so for a long weekend you could ride your bike from Squamish (or Vancouver if you’re affinity for suffering is high enough) to the Sunshine Coast one day (feast on shellfish once you’re there), take advantage of the amazing cross country bike trails out there and then ride back the next day. There’s also now the possibility of tons of other self propelled adventures on the Sunshine Coast needing to rely on a ferry. The idea of climbing Tetrahedron self propelled from Vancouver? So, so cool.

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