Beaver Valley – Family Day 2016

Beaver Valley – Family Day 2016
February 15, 2016 Webmaster

5 ACCers braved the long-weekend rain to explore Beaver Valley (Rogers Pass). We followed the Beaver Valley Trail for ~12km before setting up camp. Although this trail is no longer maintained past Grizzly Creek, all the bridges are still in & the trail was mostly easy to follow.

It was certainly wet at the trailhead (850m) and camp (1100m), making for challenging winter camping conditions, but we found beautiful boot-top powder on a supportive base from 1500m up to the top of Bald Mountain (~2300m).

The biggest hazard of the weekend was the non-stop tree bombs (some of them enormous). Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t good enough on Sunday to explore access to the other side of the valley (towards Sir D).

Overall, a great weekend of exploring a new valley.

When it came to writing a trip report, for some reason I couldn’t get Spike Milligan’s “On the Ning Nang Nong” out of my head, so here is my version….(just substitute “Beaver Valley” for “Ned New Nat” and it’s a pretty accurate TR)…
On the Ned New Nat
Where the trees go splat
And the skiers all say “oooh”
There’s a Nat New Ned
Where the skiers shred
And the raindrops pitter patter too
On the Nat Ned New
All the martens chew
And you just can’t catch them when they do!
So it’s New Ned Nat
Trees go splat
Nat New Ned
Skiers Shred
Ned Nat New
Martens chew
What a crazy place to ski to
Is the Ned Nat Ned Nat New!

Approach to our campsite:

Total distance: 15252 m
Total climbing: 1424 m
Total descent: -1152 m
Total time: 06:39:01

Camp to Bald Mountain:

Total distance: 22753 m
Total climbing: 5990 m
Total descent: -6006 m
Total time: 07:22:03

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