Trip Leader Recognition

Trip Leader Recognition
February 15, 2016 Paul Dormaar

The club has two programs to recognize trip leaders

Program 1: Leader Badges

acc_badgesTo recognize on-going contribution to the club as a trip leader, we award leader badges.  These badges will either have no numbers on them, or include the numbers 25, 50, 75, or 100, depending on the number of trip points the leaders have accumulated.

As of November 30, 2018, our hall of fame is:
100 Trip Badge:
Name Trip Points
Nathalie Drotar 187.3
Gerry Drotar 155.3
Lida Frydrychova 147.0
Orvel Miskiw 134.0
Luca Jungen 129.0
Dave Hanson 119.0
Paul Dormaar 119.0
Clare Ormerod 115.7
Casey Blais 107.7
Dana Engler 104.0
Dave Clay 101.0
Keith Sanford 100.7

75 Trip Badge:

Name Trip Points
Tobias Link 99.7
Alan Fortune 99.0
Andy Strangemann 99.0
Sue Kuznik 95.3
Paul O’Brien-Kelly 93.3
Elisabeth Dupuis 93.0
Susan Twitchell 89.3
Robin Owens 88.0
Phil Tomlinson 87.0
George Ormerod 86.7
Chris Girard 81.0
Marcus Eyre 78.0
Mark Carlson 78.0
Enrique Canto 77.0
Rebecca Haspel 75.0

We’ve made changes to the Trip Leader Recognition Program which now sees the top 20 leaders awarded + the others in a draw for 5 awards. We’ve made changes to the Trip Leader Recognition Program which now sees the top 20 leaders awarded + the others in a draw for 5 awards.

Program 2: MEC Gift Certificates

Trip Leader Prizes

  • Top 3 Leaders:  $250 MEC Voucher
  • Top 4-10 Leaders: $200 MEC Voucher
  • Top 11-20 Leaders: $100 MEC Voucher
  • Draw from all remaining leaders for 5 x $50 MEC Vouchers

Each trip point that you earn will go into the pool of total trip points. All you have to do to get your name into the pool for the MEC vouchers is to lead at least one trip.  Results will be posted monthly, here and in the Breeze. In the case of a tie at any level we will consider trip difficulty.  Since we use fractional points, all fractions will be rounded up for the draw. 

Trip-points for both programs are accumulated in the following way:

  • Each out of town trip you lead, including international trips will score 1 point per day to a maximum of 7 points per trip. For example, if you lead a 3 day alpine trip, you will score 3 points, however, a scramble that only lasts one day will only score 1 point.  This also includes camp managers and coordinators.
  • Each in-town training event where preparation is involved (such as “how to suck less at …”) gets a full point while all other in-town events (such as indoor climbing) will score 1/3 of a point. The event must be posted and open to the membership.
  • Trips that are coordinated by two trip leaders will score full points for each leader. This also means that both leaders have to show up.  If any of the co-leaders can’t make it, please remove their name from the trip itinerary.
  • If an out of town trip is cancelled, or if no participants sign up, 1/3 of a point is still given.
  • If an in town trip is cancelled, or no participants sign up, no points are given.
  • Socials will receive 1/3 of a point.
  • Training and Leadership members receive 1/3 of a point for booking training outings.
  • Outside events, for example, the film festival, will receive 0 points.

If you are interested in becoming a trip coordinator, please read Become a Trip Coordinator.  Also, if anyone has any comments, suggestions, or questions, please contact .

As of November 30, 2018, the score is:

Name Trip Points
George Ormerod 26.33
Brent Hepfner 26.00
Susan Twitchell 25.33
Tyler Hallman 25.00
Clare Ormerod 24.67
Lida Frydrychova 24.67
Nathalie Drotar 24.00
Paul Dormaar 19.67
Raymond Ho 19.00
Anne Drew Potter 18.67
Luc Fortin 17.00
Casey Blais 15.67
Vincent Zafra 15.00
Alan Fortune 15.00
Gerry Drotar 14.33
Luca Jungen 14.00
Jacquelyn Smale 12.00
Tobias Link 11.33
Kevin Canning 11.00
Zofia Zgolak 11.00
Dan Doll 10.00
Fiona Mulvenna 10.00
Elisabeth Dupuis 9.67
Jeff Dickson 9.33
Nicole Morter 9.33
Vi Pickering 9.33
Wayne Gilraine 9.00
Sue Steckle 8.67
Thomas McMillan 8.67
Mark Carlson 8.33
Adrian Hilchie 7.33
Paul O’Brien-Kelly 7.33
Kris Tranter 7.00
Reina Hasumi 7.00
Suzie Poirier 7.00
Tana Stratton 7.00
Richard Loetscher 6.67
Brad Robinson 6.33
David Harbord 6.33
Andre Bogdan 6.00
John Adams 6.00
Jenny Bradshaw 5.33
Julie Morter 5.00
Phil Tomlinson 5.00
Ryan Brun 5.00
Shaun Fluker 5.00
Bailey Lamont 5.00
Ken Chatel 4.67
Brad Duska 4.00
Brad Vonau 4.00
Jan Poetsch 4.00
Hernando Ortega Arango 3.67
Logan Grasby 3.67
Joel Gamache 3.33
Keith Wilkinson 3.33
Ken Baxter 3.33
Kristine O’Rielly 3.33
Barend Dronkers 3.00
Brad Bowyer 3.00
Dana Engler 3.00
Darren Mazzei 3.00
David Roe 3.00
Paula Corbeil 3.00
Sandy Fransham 3.00
Tom Fransham 3.00
HyunHo Cho 2.67
Eva Bartipanova 2.33
Karla Kuharic 2.33
Simon Trudel 2.33
Anika Kaufhold 2.00
Matthew Marshall 2.00
Andy Strangemann 1.00
Barbara Bonkowsky 1.00
Benjamin Wards 1.00
Chelsea McCune 1.00
Christopher Drotar 1.00
Chuck Young 1.00
Colin Long 1.00
David Cumming 1.00
Genevieve Kenny 1.00
John Gapp 1.00
John-Paul Zakordonski 1.00
Kate Snedeker 1.00
Leah Neigum 1.00
Luis Salgado 1.00
Mark Kopec 1.00
Megan Jubb 1.00
Richard Campbell 1.00
Samuel McEwen 1.00
Sean Jacklin 1.00
Shaun Unger 1.00
Sheena Lambert 1.00
Stephen Fanstone 1.00
Stephen Willett 1.00
Sue Kuznik 1.00
Tiffany Painton 1.00
Brandon Boulier 0.33
Karen Fox 0.33
Kyle Potts 1.00




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