Kyrgyzstan Alpine Climbing! RMS Summer Section Camp

Kyrgyzstan Alpine Climbing! RMS Summer Section Camp
January 2, 2017 Webmaster

2017 Rocky Mountain Section Summer Camp – Kyrgyzstan

Still a few spots left!

Never heard of Kyrgyzstan? 85% of this central Asian republic is covered in mountains. Kyrgyzstan’s 6,500 glaciers cover 8,000 square kilometres – over 4% of the country’s area. Throw in a relatively safe tourist environment and visa free travel for Canadians to this mountain wonderland and you have an ideal location for an exotic alpine vacation.

We have contacted Kyrgyzstan’s top mountain agency to arrange a two week fully guided and catered trip from July 10 to 24 that covers some cultural highlights and then crosses the Inylchek Glacier – the third longest glacier outside the polar regions. At the end of the glacier, we will ascend Pesnya Abaya, a 4900m peak. We are also embarking on a one week trip from July 24 to 30 to the Ala Archa national park south of the capital of Bishkek. This climber’s paradise will feature alpine ascents ranging in difficulty from grade F to AD on peaks 4200 to 4850m high from a base camp / refugio at 3400m.

The estimated cost for the two-week trip, including meals, accommodation, transportation, guides, entry permits, border fees, porter service and helicopter flight from the end of the Inylchek Glacier back to the Karakara base camp is USD$2200 per person.

The one week alpine climbing trip will have guide to client ratios of either 1:2 or 1:3. Accommodation, transportation, guiding services, entry fees and meals will be USD$750 per person.

Applications for this camp are available on the RMS website. Applicants should have a good level of fitness, experience with glacier travel and the right attitude towards adventures in the third world.

Central Asia is an unknown to many Canadians, but it is a very popular alpine destination for many Europeans and Russians. The economic downturn in Russia means fewer visitors than normal (unlike our national parks!!) and the current political stability in the area makes this an ideal time to visit!

Contact Steve Fedyna at for more information and/or check out the detailed itinerary on the camps section of the RMS website

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