May 6: Highway 40 Cleanup

May 6: Highway 40 Cleanup
April 23, 2017 Nathalie Drotar
When is the event?
The event will take place on Saturday, May 6th at 9:00 AM. 
Where is the event?
The meeting location is at the Stoney Nakoda Casino Parking Lot (888 Nakoda Way, Kananaskis, AB T0L 1N0) where we will meet at 9:00 AM. From there, volunteers will be briefed on what to expect for the day, paired up, and transported to a stretch along the highway. 
What is the event?
The Highway 40 Cleanup is an annual event organized by the Friends of Kananaskis and sponsored by Alberta Transportation, and brought forth to the ACC via the Access and Environment Committee. The purpose of the event is to remove debris the size of a chocolate bar wrapper or larger from the roadside in order to keep the area as pristine and garbage free as possible. Due to the success of the event in previous years, the Friends have extended the length of the cleanup to go all the way to the Galatea Day Use area. It’s a great event for everyone ranging from families to individuals, and seniors to young children, and a fantastic way to give back to a place that is important to many (if not all) of us here at the ACC. 
Who is permitted to join?
This event is for people of all ages and physical abilities, however it’s left to the discretion of volunteers as to whether or not your child is old enough to join. Please note that no pets are permitted for the event. 
What should I expect as a volunteer?
Upon pairing up, signing some waivers, and getting proper safety gear (gloves and hi-visibility safety vest provided by the Friends if needed), partners will be transported to a stretch of the highway they are responsible for. After cleaning up both sides along their area, they will be transported to the next uncleaned stretch, so on and so forth until we reach Galatea. Roadside debris ranges anywhere from chocolate bar wrappers to old hiking boots, license plates, or even larger items. It’s only expected to take until 12:00 noon to accomplish this which leaves the afternoon free for a day in the mountains! 
Who should I contact if I have any questions?
For any questions regarding the event, future projects, and the Friends of Kananaskis, feel free to e-mail Vince Zafra ( For questions about the Access and Environment Committee, please contact Kristine O’Rielly ( 
What should I bring as a volunteer?
Gloves, hi-visibility vests, and garbage bags will be provided, but bringing your own gloves may be desirable to ensure they’re the proper size. As a reminder, wear sturdy footwear and select clothes you do not mind getting dirty, long pants are strongly recommended and bring rain gear. Pack your lunch, water, sunscreen, bug spray, bear spray, and other personal gear.
How do I sign up?
There are two ways to sign up for the event:
  1. Through the ACC Event Calendar. The event is called “Highway 40 Cleanup with the Friends of Kananaskis”. If you sign up on the calendar, Vince will pass necessary information to Nancy, the co-ordinator for the event and you’ll be signed up!
  2. Through the Friends of Kananaskis Volunteer System, Better Impact. If you wish to volunteer with the Friends in future for projects such as trail building and maintenance, signing up through Better Impact is preferable. To do this, go to the website (Better Impact) and click on the “Fill in an application” on the “I would like to volunteer” box at the top right of the page. Should be straightforward from there!
Who are the Friends of Kananaskis?
The Friends of Kananaskis Country is a federally-registered charity committed to sharing this special place with the world through education, community engagement and volunteer participation. We are aligned with the Government of Alberta’s vision of engaging the public in participating in the long-term use and enjoyment of Kananaskis Country though a Cooperating Agreement we have with Alberta Parks.
We are a community of over 1,500 individuals committed to the balanced, sustainable use of Kananaskis Country, as well as the protection and sharing of its unique natural and cultural experiences.  With over 4 million visits per year, and a population base exceeding 1 million bordering this natural wonderland, Kananaskis Country is not immune to development and use pressures. 
Working collaboratively with our partners, we develop programs and activities that:
  • Actively protect the ecosystems within Kananaskis Country through trail care and other volunteer programs;
  • Educate people about the appropriate use of this natural treasure through our environmental education programs;
  • Engage communities and individuals in the stewardship of Kananaskis Country through direct participation and sponsorship opportunities;
  • Support sustainable use initiatives undertaken in partnership with the Kananaskis division of Environment and Parks.
Further collaboration with the Friends and the ACC through the Access and Environment Committee will occur throughout the year for events such as trail building, trail maintenance, “Trails Fest” — the annual event celebrating and supporting our trail systems and everyone involved with creating them, and the annual “Kananaskis Speaker Series” at the start of each year featuring lectures from a wide variety of professionals that work/have worked extensively in Kananaskis. Previous speakers include Will and Ben Gadd, Barry Blanchard, Brian Keating, Steve Herrero, and John Paczkowski among others. 
If you would like more information on the Friends or would like to become more involved with the organization, please visit our website at You can also sign up for our newsletter that contains both event notifications and great articles about Kananaskis such as wildlife education, non-typical places to go for a day trip, history of the region, “behind the scenes” looks at certain sectors such as public safety, etc. 


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