How to get news of what’s going on in the Calgary Section

How to get news of what’s going on in the Calgary Section
November 9, 2017 Nathalie Drotar

A few people have been asking so we thought we’d summarize it here:

Events/Trips notifications:

To subscribe to our various event notifications, after you log in, go to the Account menu and down to “Preferences”. Once you visit that page, you’ll see there is a list of event types. Just click beside the event types that you would like to receive notifications for. You’ll then get an email notification when an event of a certain type is posted by one of our amazing volunteer leaders/coordinators! 

The ACC Breeze newsletter:

Also, you’ll notice on that same “Preferences” page, a link that will take you to a page on which you can subscribe to our semi-monthly Breeze newsletter. Simply visit that link and enter your email address there to get that newsletter. 

Facebook: ACC Calgary Section for some articles or ads for trips or courses with availability.

Instagram: ACC Calgary Section

Monthly Section meetings:

They are typically held on the third Tuesday of each month, other than July and August. In August we have our annual BBQ at Edworthy Park and in December our Annual Potluck and Photocontest results. In July we have no meetings since most are out enjoying our long summer days anyway! 

Most Socials feature a slide-show and speaker, either ACC members/trip leaders with a great story and pictures or an outside “famous” speaker from the mountain world.


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