ACC Christmas Potluck and Photo Contest

ACC Christmas Potluck and Photo Contest
December 15, 2017 Nathalie Drotar

December 14, we held our annual Christmas potluck with the photo contest prizes awards and had a great time! Thanks to all who made it and brought something to share!! 

The photos were judged based on several factors.  General aesthetics is the wow factor upon first viewing a photo.  Technical quality includes image sharpness (focus), exposure, colour balance, and light. 

Image composition is complex and very subjective, but includes how the subject is framed, depth of view and/or placing the subject in the context of the landscape, how the subject and background interact (is the background distracting?), flow of visual elements through the frame, and more. 

Story is simple to explain but difficult to achieve:  does the image tell a story?  Finally, creativity and difficultly of obtaining the image are taken into account.

It seems a few photo contest winners were not in the room to collect their trophies so if you recognize your name in the list below and would like to pick yours up to show it off to your friends and family this coming year, please email to get a location and time pick-up, thanks!  (Note: pick up will happen in January 2018)

Canadian Mountain Scene:  Kevin Fielding
Mountains in Winter: Alex Popov
Mountain Scenes outside Canada:  Ben Churchill
Mountaineering:  George Omerod
Rock Climbing: Alan Roessel
Ice Climbing: Felipe Ferriera
Ski Mountaineering: Alan Roessel
Portraits of Mountaineers:  Derek Boniecki
Flora:  Jim McIvor
Fauna:  Catherine Pao
Humour:  Lida Frydrychova
Unclassified:  Ben Pearman
Club Activities: Felipe Ferreira
Legacy:  Sandy Fransham

Best in Show:  Kevin Fielding

CONGRATS to our winners for their amazing submissions!! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


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