Climb On Maps.. to get to your climb faster!

Climb On Maps.. to get to your climb faster!
October 10, 2018 Nathalie Drotar

In September, I was down south with my friend Sue and at the Smith Rock climbing shop, we met Stefani arriving with a fresh stack of shiny brand new climbing maps.. YAY for precise mapping work, these are amazing and I can’t lie, I bought three different ones!!  🙂 If you want to check them out for real, let me know ok!? They are waterproof and tearfree and will last a LONG time!

We mentioned to Stefani a few of our climbing stores in YYC and in the Bow Valley and hope they’ll be selling them there soon but in the meantime, here is more information, some pics and a link to their webpage where there are a couple videos etc.. AND where you can purchase them! (remember price is in USD..) read on and if you can relate, I trust you’ll find their maps more than useful!

The Climb-On Maps Story

Rick and Stefani are avid rock climbers who love to travel, explore, and climb. We got incredibly frustrated when our precious weekend or climbing vacation time was consumed by attempting to find climbs, rather than climbing. We also didn’t appreciate it when the walk-off for a climb resulted in an epic or felt more dangerous than the climb itself.
After repeatedly facing these experiences, and hearing similar frustrations from other climbers, we decided to do something about it – make detailed maps of the approaches and walk-offs of some of the U.S.’s most popular (and often confusing) climbing areas (currently we are getting ready to publish Red Rock Canyon, NV, Joshua Tree, CA, and Smith Rock, OR).
Making maps was the perfect marriage of Rick and Stefani’s passion for rock climbing (and, as a married couple, each other) and Rick’s 20 years of a GIS (Geographic Information System) professional.

We hope you will find this resource useful and that it will help you “Get there faster” so you can “climb-on!” Webpage: HERE



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