Tech Tips: Cold Hands Part 2: Cold Hand? Cold Finger?

Tech Tips: Cold Hands Part 2: Cold Hand? Cold Finger?
January 11, 2020 Orvel Miskiw

Occasionally while climbing ice, skiing, snow shoeing, etc., you may be plagued by one hand that just won’t warm up. In those cases it may bother you enough to stop to warm it up. Meanwhile, try to find a cause that can be corrected: that may be simple. I’ve found that usually there’s nothing wrong with my hand but rather the cause is restricted circulation due to a snug cuff or Velcro tab, but most often a wrist watch, hence why only one hand. A similar effect can be caused by a finger ring, so rings are best taken off and left at home or in the coffee holder of your car.

This has happened to me many times, so now I pay more attention to avoid pullovers and sweaters with snug sleeves and cuffs. I’ve also tried wearing my watch over a sleeve and buckled loose, but it still caused trouble, so now I habitually put my watch in the pack or sometimes in a jacket pocket in case I occasionally need to keep track of the time of day. A watch or cuff doesn’t even need to seem snug to cause problems; watches should be kept off, and cuffs should be kept quite slack to prevent cold hands.

Orvel, Director of Safety (and comfort)


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